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type 1 14 year old- depressed, mismanaging diabetes care

My 14 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on July 2011.  Since he has been diagnosed, he started out managing his diabetes independently, regular checking of blood sugar, figuring out insulin doses and getting by.  Now he is in a stage of burn out and depression where diabetes is discouraging and he has given up.   He does not want to go to school and has missed too much school from mismanaging diabetes.  ( not checking regularly enough, etc)  I have been working with Children's Hospital and a social worker, as well as his school and therapist.  And right now, I am feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and feel lost at what to do next.


Has anyone been through this before?  When I try to get a bigger role in managing his diabetes he gets resentful, argumentative and it becomes a power struggle.  I have been coached to not be authoritative, but come across with a caring, compassionate and loving approach.  That is easier said than done.


My son went from doing very well in school with a 3.7 GPA, to getting a 2.0 GPA.  He is struggling in school because of his attendance and obviously he cannot drop out of high school.


Does it get any better?

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Re: type 1 14 year old- depressed, mismanaging diabetes care

I would present your taking over his diabetes care as a vacation.  Just say to him I notice that taking care of your diabetes is really getting you down and I want to offer  you a vacation. Now this is not the regular type of vacation but the kind where I will take care of your diabetes when you are home.

Of course you will have to take care of it when you are not with me like in school, etc., but when you are home I will do it for you.

Also there is this wonderful person on Children with Diabetes that has this wonderful video. He has dealth with type one for more than 47 years. You will love his video and it might give you some insight.  Here is the link.

 I have heard Joe speak at several Children With Diabetes Conferences and he knows what he is talking about.



a Deaf person with Diabetes.

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Re: type 1 14 year old- depressed, mismanaging diabetes care

yea someone else is going though what your going though. Only mine is a 15 year old daughter who has been doing this since she was 5 and we feel should know how to do these things by now. And I did watch the video and wow....

Our daughter is doing the I forgot, she is taking her insulin with out checking her numbers, We have started her in counseling and every time her A1C level is way out there she always has another problem that is going on in her life that is the reason why she forgets. And its always seemingly being thought that her reasons are she is trying to fix other peoples problems this is what her counselor is telling us. But the thing is that we are trying to say is ok yea she can worry, she can want to help people or fix peoples problems but that shouldn't have anything to do with her checking her sugars and taking her insulins. And its really starting to make us feel like we are bad parents because we have the same kinds of problems as other families. And its not up to her to fix things only herself.