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Log Sheet for Graphing

Attached is a plotting log sheet that I created when we were first getting started.  I used it to graph and analyze what was going on.  I broke it back out and used it again when we first got on the pump to get the initial tune on that as well.  The visualization works for me.  I used these two ways, one by plotting out each day and then secondly by plotting several days, one on top of the other looking for trends.  I hope they will work for anyone who want to give it a go.


For the record and due credit:  I created these after reading "Think Like a Pancrease" and "Using Insulin", I pulled elements from each of the sample logs and created what worked best for me in excel.  The attached is a PDF.


Please use them as you like and know of course that you "Use at your own risk, no warranty is expressed or implied".


God Bless you all,

Katies Dad

Katie diagnosed T1 July 2008, pumping with Animas Ping since June 2009.