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Bed Wetting

my son just came out of the hunnymoon phase. his blood surger number are everywhere, and his diadeties team is working on currection his dose and considering a pump. in the mean time he has been wetting the bed every time he sleeps, the only thing I can think of is to put a pull up on my 8 year old when he sleeps but he is hateing this idea. I am sure I am not the only one with bed wetting issues so please send me some input.

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Re: Bed Wetting

I understand how you feel. I actually had this problem before and after my daughter found out she was diabetic. I found out she was diabetic because this is what she would do is wet the bed. She was fine all day but at night she would wet the bed. I did everything to get her to stop even waking her at night to go but she would be out of it so bad it was just an ordeal to get her to go to the bathroom. Then when I spoke to dr's they run tests and found out she was diabetic. Then she still had this same problem for awhile there after. I can't remember how old she was when she stopped having this problem. She didn't want to wear the pull ups either. Soo... what I did was I told her I am putting a mattress cover on your mattress and I am leaving sheets in your room so that if you wake up wet you can change the sheets and stuff yourself and no one but me and you will know what has happened because you can just put the stuff in the laundry room and I will make sure stuff is washed. And back in your room before bed time. But since he is 8 what you may be able to do is show him how to use the washing machine himself so he can put everything in to wash and no one will know until you or he takes the things out of the washer to put them in the dryer. It all depends on his reaction to what you propose to him.

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Re: Bed Wetting

We also had that problem before my daughter was Dx'd.  But this was consistant from the time she was little until almost age 15?  Once we got her on insulin and her out of her honeymoon with ratios fairly straight, it finally stopped!  I know exactly how tired you can get from having to not only change their bed every day, but wash blankets and sheets and clothes that all got wet.  And then remake the dang bed!  Smiley Mad 


Anyways!!  I did find a wonderful product at Carol Wright Gifts website.  It's a "waterproof bed pad",  can be found under that exact search and it's not expensive!  I invested in two of these and haven't been dissapointed yet with them.  And they're over 5 years old now.  We don't use them anymore unless she's been having a run of high number days, she still 'might' have an accident then, but it's on her to take care of it all now!  In fact, they've also been through one lab-mix puppy, and two cat litters, lining the box they lived in for while.  LoL  And after a good wash in bleach, they're still just as good as new.  Smiley Very Happy  Still look good, and are still waterproof!

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