Prizes, and badges, and goodies, oh my! Rewarding you for fundraising & more!

by Association Staff Member on ‎04-30-2012 04:07 PM

I don’t think we can ever thank our fundraisers enough.  As someone who knows what it takes to raise money, I’m constantly looking at how we can reward our fundraisers in ways big and small. 


One of the things we’ve done for years in Step Out is a fundraising incentive program to reward fundraisers from $200-$10,000 and beyond.  Everything from cookbooks, branded apparel and bicycles to ipods and TVs!  We want our walkers to get some goodies for all of their hard work.  For walkers who’d prefer to donate their prize back, we offer that option as well.  Additionally, many Team Captains use the item as a reward for their top donor or walker.   To see all of our incentive fundraising levels and prizes, check out our Incentive Prize Website


While these incentive gifts are nothing new, we are VERY excited to unveil some NEW badges that you can earn for fundraising and more.  First off, you can earn fundraising badges for reaching different levels of fundraising online.  $200 earns you a ‘Fast Walker’ badge, $1,000 makes you a ‘Champion to Stop Diabetes’, all the way up to the coveted $10,000 ‘Trophy Worthy’ Badge.  Secondly, we’ve got new – and REALLY cool looking – badges for other things you do online.  Remember Boy/Girl Scout badges?  The sewing badge?  Archery badge?  Well it’s kind of like that.  You can earn a badge for simply telling your story on your personal page.  You can also earn a badge for sending just 10 e-mails, or donating to your own fundraising efforts.  Lastly, there is a badge for downloading our Facebook fundraising app.  To check out all the cool badges we have, visit our website.   Screen Shot 2012-04-30 at 3.47.36 PM.png


We hope you like our prizes and badges! And make sure you ask your local Walk Manager about other incentives they are promoting as well in your town. 


Fundraise for a good cause, AND get prizes?  Now that is cool!  But only one way to get started….register today!



David McShea

National Director

Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes