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diabetic trail mixes

does anybody have any good ideas for trail mixes for diabetics.  I have to watch my carbs.

Thank you

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diabetic trail mixes

I would mix my own, and major on the nuts and perhaps some semisweet chocolate chips in small quantities.  Keep the raisins, craisins, and other dried fruit to a minimum unless you WANT them for energy in the midst of exercise.

When you mix your own, you can go a long way to determing how many carbs in a quarter or half a cup and then package the mix snack bags or sandwich bags.

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diabetic trail mixes

Like Molly says, mix your own. I was doing that as a teenager for camping trips back before anyone actually sold pre mixed, and kept up with making my own after it was in stores. It's easy and keeps well
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diabetic trail mixes

If you like strawberries, you might try freeze dried strawberries with your nuts.  They are pretty low in carbs.
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diabetic trail mixes

I usually don't have any problems with most store bought mixes but it pays to read the labels as some are rather high carb.  Pay attention to the serving size and pre-measure into snack sized baggies.  When you find one that you like just use the same ingredients to make your own.  However, if the mix you are copying has 6 or 7 different things in it you will end up buying a lot of ingredients!  I don't eat all that much of it so I find it cheaper to just buy ready made. 

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diabetic trail mixes

My personal trail mix is a 50/50 mix of mixed nuts and sultanas or raisins. I buy unsalted roasted mixed nuts, not including peanuts, or I make up my own mix of cashews, almonds, walnuts or pecans, brazils and possibly hazelnuts. I use unsalted because the salt can lead to excessive thirst.

That gives a reasonably balanced mix of fats, protein and carbs. However, I am careful about the proportion of sultanas or raisins and use less of those if I intend eating it before lunch.

My main use is for travel; either when I am wandering all day around ancient ruins or towns or for those times in airports and planes when suitable food availability is difficult. I also use beef jerky or similar meat products for snacks in those circumstances.
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