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Best Update....

Hello Everyone:


I went to my doctor on Thursday for my follow up.  I took my excel spreadsheet showing my numerous daily BG results with my highs and lows.  He took one look at it and praised me for being organized!  He also congratulated me on my 17 lbs weight loss!!!   YEAH ME!!  I started at 226 around the end of Sept but didn't really kick it into gear until the doctor officially said I was diabetic at the end of Nov.  I am now currently at 206 and actually am starting to feel a little better and clothes are getting a little looser (very exciting for me).  He explained to me more details and I got my questions answered.  For me, I am to continue with diet and exercise  for a few more months, keep losing weight and exercising, try to maintain BG no higher then 160 post meal and carb count per meal around 60.  So now I have parameters and guidelines.  I was already doing some of the things he mentioned (parents both diabetic so already had some idea of where to start).  Still reading what I can get my hands on and using the website as a guideline.    He wanted to wait until 6 months had passed before he does another A1c but he thought I was probably already under the 6.4 he would like to see me because my first one was 6.6%.  Slowly but surely it is getting better and a little easier as I take the time to think my choices through for meals etc.  AND I didn't eat any of the Christmas junk at work!  So far, so good.  


I thank everyone on this website for making my first month of T2 a little easier and a little less worrisome



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Re: Best Update....

Way to go, Alli!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Best Update....

Wow way to go you really hit the ground running I love reading posts like this

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Re: Best Update....

All sounds nice.  Are you aware that you can get a home A1c test kit (Bayer) for $30 - $35 from virtually any store that has a pharmacy dept (no scrip needed)?  Averaging your test scores is all well & good, but they are still just pure snapshots in time, not the overall average that the A1c gives (yes, decent control should show a correlation, but...).

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Re: Best Update....


Cheers, Alan, Type 2, d&e metformin 2000mg, Australia.
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