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How to Find New Ideas

Status: New Idea
by kyfroggie on ‎06-18-2015 06:43 PM

In this Ideas: Community Feedback section, I find it very difficult to find the new posts. On the Diabetes Community Contents Page, it will state that there is a new post (that I haven't read) in one of the 3 sections. When I click on that section, the only way to find that new idea is search through the posts. Sometimes it is the first post or a comment on that post but not always. Even after thinking I have found the post and reading it the Content Page sometimes still shows an unread post. The only way to get rid of it is to choose the option: Mark all as read. Either I don't know what I'm doing or there needs to be a better way. In the rest of the forum, I can just click on the number of unread posts and go directly to the first unread post in that topic. 

We had a new poster whose first and only message expressed her desire to "mingle" with other members in rather suggestive terms.  One of our active members posted to report that she had gotten the same request via a private message and had trouble figuring out how to report it.  Soon, a number of others reported they had gotten the same private message, and some of them had chosen to "ignore" the other.  As things sometimes go around here, others wrote to add a litte humor to othe situation, complaining that they felt left because they hadn't gotten the message.


Turning serious again, I want to request an easy-to-find way to report inappropriate messages to our administrator, or perhap better, to the team of people who deal with Inappropriate content reports on the message boards.  Our veteran users may be able to eventually  figure out a way to contact those people who are in charge, but there is nothing obviously avallable the most vulnerable newcomers who receive any offensive message, salacious or vitriolic, from others.

Status: Future Review

A Better Way

Status: New Idea
by Abetterway on ‎08-31-2015 06:47 PM



I am new to this website. At the request of my wife, she asked that I share my Diabetic concerns to the public, to see if life for all concerned, could be changed for the better. It is now 15 years since I was first diagnosed with Type II diabetes, which I'm sorry to say, I am still struggling with, but with greater success than before. I asked myself, why is it, that I'm having better success with my diabetes than before. When I was laid-off two years ago, it allowed more time to monitor my blood sugars and administer insulin when needed. Why couldn't I do this before. It finally dawned on me, ONE BIG REASON, THE PRIVACY OF A HOME BATHROOM, which allowed me the freedom to perform blood tests and apply medications when needed.

The constant pricking and needle injections are enough for one person to go throug;, let alone having to expose your treatment procedures to the Public. When was the last time you saw a diabetic test his/her blood sugars and administer insulin at their work station, or in the public restroom (embarassing and unsanitary).

I don't mind being called "Disabled" (Diabetic), but please, let the World know that we have a NEW DISABILITY ON THE BLOCK, that requires the same attention as other Disablities - PROPER PUBLIC FACILITIES FOR THE TREATMENT OF DIABETES. It could be as as simple as a special room in public restrooms created solely for the treatment of Diabetes. Basically counters and proper disposal waste baskets would be all that would be needed.

In talking with other diabetics, it was the general consensus that most would wait until they got home from work to conduct their diabetic treatments. Why -  Because there were no proper facilities at work or other places, to do so?.

If this is true, can you imagine how many Diabetics go through the day with unhealthy blood sugars, only waiting for the proper place and time to maintain their blood sugars!!

Thanks for listening!!


Charles A. 
















Saving private message drafts?

Status: New Idea
by KayCee2014 on ‎01-17-2015 12:56 PM

Is there a way to save a draft private message or is there an autosave feature and I just don't see it?  My internet connection is a little unreliable lately and a couple of times I have had to start new messages alll over again.  Thanks!

Change "Rank" Titles

Status: Under Consideration
by on ‎07-09-2012 02:05 PM

I posted this in another thread, but, not sure it will get read there. I do think that this is important, so, I'm re-posting it here:


The more I think about this, the more convinced I am that it is an enormous mistake to give us titles like "Advisor" or "Super Advisor" based on such trivial matters as the number of posts. There are every day new people here, and they will be influenced by those rank titles. and frankly, they are being  mislead by them. 


Certainly there are people here, Alan, Lizzy, Morris and others who have more than  earned their stripes. But, I hope that the mods will re-think their criteria for the awarding of such monikers to people, like me for instance,  who have not the experience or gravitas to be an ADVISOR, of any kind. There are people on this board who are still searching for answers, and seem lost and confused, and post often in search of help. When those poor lost souls are give a title of ADVISOR, what does that say to them, or to  the new people who come here for advice? 


There are people on the board now who seem to be running up the number of posts they make, simply to get to another level. This is childish and silly of course, but, when you promote someone, based on the numbers of their posts rather on the quality of the information they contribute, well, it just seems to be misleading to new people looking for advice from experienced folks.

Status: Under Consideration
Wow, lots of discussion about rankings recently! Please see my explanatory post about rankings, which I hope will answer some questions and put minds at ease. Best, Anna

Font Family and Font Size

Status: Under Consideration
by on ‎10-20-2011 10:02 AM

What I would like to see is the ability to select a font style and size and have the system remember it. Currently we have select it each time we want to post something, if you do not want to use the default font and size.



Status: Under Consideration
James, I agree strongly! This was actually the first "Idea" that *I* submitted to *Lithium*, just a few days after launch. It's under consideration by their team (people/other clients have to vote, just like they do here), so I'll update the status to reflect this. I'm hoping it will be implemented.

Too Many Emails!

Status: New Idea
by NicoleLarson on ‎05-28-2014 02:01 PM

Everyone (especially the Moderator),


My inbox is pretty unmanageable, and over 50% of my daily influx is individual posts from this forum.


Please create a way to select daily, weekly, or monthly "digests."


Thank you,


Nicole Larson

(A busy professional)

Keeping the community positive

Status: Archived
by trc0705 on ‎12-17-2011 09:44 PM

To keep this a positive place where everyone can come and share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas without the fear of being put down and ridiculed.  I know most people out there truly just want a place to turn to so they can get some answers and solutions that will ease their fears. 


So here are some ideas on how to do this:


  • So my request is to comment without tearing someone down.  


  • If you must give a negative comment, then do constructive criticism (Tell someone a negative comment, in a nice way, and then give a solution on how to improve or make things better.)


“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”



Status: Archived
This is a Term of Service with which I wholeheartedly agree. If you believe someone is being negative, offensive, confrontational, or uncivil, please send me a PM or email and let me know. Thanks!

I just became aware that anyone can change a thread's title.  I think it's good if the person who created it can do so because sometimes that's needed.  But no one else should be allowed to do it.  That's pretty aggravating when anyone can come along and change the title.  Please tell me that this is a bug!



Status: Under Consideration
I'm going to investigate this one. Trisha is right that it only affects replies, but I do think this can be a confusing feature. To me, the best practice is to have the title stay consistent throughout the thread.

I have on several occasions accidentally hit cancel instead of post.  That's what I get for not paying attention to what I'm doing.  BUT, it would be a lot harder to do that if the cancel button weren't right smack dab next to the post button, like a little further to the side so you'd have to consciously go to a different position.  This is just a more "user friendly" request. 



Status: Archived
This is something that is best solved by using a browser that alerts you with a pop-up message if you're leaving a page but have not or cannot save the content on it. It asks if you'd really like to leave the page, thus preventing you from having a message deleted. Similarly, I always recommend that users copy their posts before sending them and/or writing them elsewhere and pasting them in. This prevents such errors from happening. I personally like having the two buttons beside each other for aesthetics.

Spell checker tables

Status: New Idea
by on ‎10-18-2011 01:06 PM

If they could develop some tables of common terms used such as carbs, but also tables of medication names and medical terms used on the boards like Januvia and neuropathy for instance that would be helpful.  Then the spell program could read the tables first and also when new drugs come out their spelling could be added,



Larger avatar

Status: Implemented
by on ‎10-17-2011 10:46 PM

This is a test to see how this new section works.


Most of us have already requested, to be able to actually *see* each other, by the use of our avatar images being larger. We also know that this is in the works. Sooner is better please! Smiley Happy


Thank you much! Smiley Happy



Status: Implemented
I've figured out how to do this within the platform (they'd changed it from their initial instructions) and will be deploying it shortly. Avatar pictures on threads will be larger if they are uploaded by the individual, i.e. non-generic, as will profile pictures. Enjoy!

per a report from CDC I saw on the Internet a few months ago.


May I suggest that somebody from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) find out from CDC if it is a good idea to determine the success rate of these people. By success rate, I mean how long have they been drug free. Has anyone of them done better than the 21 years that I have been using exercise as my only anti-diabetes medication?


I am very much interested in this study because I strongly believe that type 2 diabetes can easily, safety, cheaply, effectively be controlled with the use of adequate daily physical and mental activities and the ingestion of only heart-healthy, natural, fresh (raw or cooked), unprocessed, and whole foods without taking into consideration the calorie count, the amount of carbohydrates eaten, and the glycemic index (GI) of foods.


Who am I? You can easily check me out if you google my name.


Bonny Damocles



Status: Archived

Personal image

Status: Known Issue, Now Resolved
by AlexKrachen on ‎06-04-2012 12:39 PM

Hi, I am new here, just signed up today. I wanted to post my own image, but I could not find a place. I don't know if that is possible, but if it is, it would be great to see images of real people. At the moment I have an avatar of a bucket of cherries, which is still nice :-)

Posting Links

Status: Archived
by on ‎03-27-2012 02:05 PM

This has me really aggravated because I post so many links all the time. Smiley Mad


It would be GREAT if the default option was "display in a new window" which is how most of us want to display it.  It isn't.  Why not.  I have to remember to change it every time or else when people try to return to the post they'll go completely out of the system unless they use the back arrow.


Who else is with me on this?



Status: Archived
If you post the full link, with http://, in a post it will automatically change to a hyperlink when you submit it. If you use the hyperlink feature to create it manually, though, you'll need to specify how you want it to display. The default for nearly every software platform and web browser is to allow both but to have "same window" as the default.

Subscription Link Messages

Status: Under Consideration
by on ‎11-01-2011 02:38 PM

When you're reading a message from a subscription and click to read it on the boards you get the logon screen if the message has been deleted or moved.


The first few times this happened I was confused because I thought I was already logged on.  But I logged on again and got a message "ID not found".  That confused me more.


I went straight to the boards (not from the subscription message) and saw that I was indeed already logged on but that the particular thread/message had been moved or deleted.


When you actually read the boards this is apparently, but if your reading the subscription notices that's not the case.


It would be nice if the notice said post moved/deleted instead of telling you to logon.



Status: Under Consideration
This is a very good request. Thank you for pointing it out! I'm going to run this thread by Lithium's Support team and see what they come back with. Will be in touch.

Change the "friends" option to be more cooperative.

Status: Future Review
by ‎10-18-2011 01:16 PM - edited ‎10-18-2011 01:27 PM

The way the current "friends" feature works makes no sense to me.  Anyone can add you as a friend at any time regardless of if you want that person as a friend or not.  You can't "unfriend" yourself either as far as I know.  So one of the SCAMer posters can add you as a friend and anyone looking at it might think that this is a good valid poster because he/she has many friends on the board.  This has actually happened to some of us.  But only if they look at the other person's profile will they find that the other person hasn't friended them back.  Does that make sense?


I think it should go back to a person sends a friend request, and the other person can either accept it or reject it.  If it's accepted then they're friends.




Status: Future Review
This is a feature that Lithium controls. I cannot update it myself, and it would require support from a majority of Lithium clients in order to enact. I will keep it in mind as an option for later consideration.

Kind of complicated...

Status: Archived
by njoung on ‎09-16-2012 11:52 AM

But I'm currently an undergraduate engineer in a product design class whos assignment for the next ten weeks is to find a problem someone has and fix it. My group came up with a bunch of groups of people who we think might be interesting to work with and one of those groups was diabetics. Does anyone have an idea for a product that would make their lives easier or even just a problem that they wish didn't exist? For a frame of reference, some of our other ideas are for a dorm safe space heater without heating coils because our college classifies heating coils as a fire hazard and inclining shoe soles to minimize the adverse effects of running up and down hills on distance runners' shins. Thanks a lot for any help or advice

Status: Archived

weight loss

Status: Archived
by debster2851 on ‎08-25-2012 11:46 PM

Has anyone tried the DB fastpack weight loss system? What has been the success & downsides? I am a type 2 diabetic female over 60.

Status: Archived

A sub-folder for Red Riders/Tour de Cure?

Status: Implemented
by drew55 on ‎06-24-2012 04:52 PM

There's a sub-folder under the director's corner for STEP Out, but shouldn't there be the same for the Tour de Cure events?  Doing this may help get information from one site to the othes with some facilitation by the ADA rather than on our own and exclusively through Facebook than here.





Status: Implemented

Welcome to our Ideas area!

This area is for our users to share suggestions with us on how to improve and optimize the American Diabetes Association's web services. Please share your Ideas and vote for those of others if you like them.

Note: Posting an idea here does not guarantee implementation, but we will certainly read and weigh the merits of all submissions.