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I  just came across this below from Wikipedia's talk page on the ADA.  They have a pretty good point...I had never heard about any surgical cure until reading this.  From what I'm gleaned from some internet searches, it appears the remission %'s listed are actually right, which is amazing.  So where has the ADA been?

Controversy over ADA's ignoring of surgical cures

Perhaps there should be a section added discussing the notable silence from the ADA on the 99% long-term remission/cure rate that the BPD-DS surgery (known as the Duodenal Switch) has on type 2 diabetes? In addition, gastric bypass surgery has demonstrated a roughly 50-60% long-term remission rate for type 2 diabetes. One would think the ADA would be screaming from every rooftop to let people know about these findings, but nary a word. Why isn't it plastered all over their website? Where is the ADA's educational campaign to get out the word about surgical cures -- to save lives, extend lifespan, and improve quality of life for those afflicted with type 2 diabetes? Why is it that only a pharmaceutical industry pill can be considered a "real" cure for adult-onset diabetes? It is highly doubtful that any prescription drug in the next century will come remotely close to the across-the-board resolution of diabesity-related health problems that these two bariatric surgeries currently deliver, yet everyone is supposed to keep waiting and hoping for the impossible? Could it be that the ADA doesn't want anything to potentially encroach on their turf or impede their fundraising -- what is the reason? In any case, it would seem relevant to note in the article how the ADA has been notably silent on these (pretty stunning) findings, to the point that the public at large doesn't even know about the existence of surgical options.


Status: New Idea
by dgum711 on ‎06-21-2012 02:46 PM

This is more about ADA, not, but I think important to the reputation and credibility of both. Why must an organization that does so much good, and is so well-respected, resort to constant, annoying telemarketing calls? Every day, sometimes twice a day, your telemarketers call (or should I say "the autodialer" calls). When I finally did pick up, after a delay, a person came on the line and then promptly hung up. This type of crass fund-raising is unbefitting of an organization of ADA's stature. Make it stop, or many more like me will redirect our charitable giving elsewhere!

Food Journal

Status: Implemented
by moonlight58 on ‎10-17-2011 11:16 PM

I think it would be really helpful to have a food journal within our community where we could log everything we eat (accountability matters!), and be able to count calories and/or carbs. Not sure what that would entail, as i am fairly new, but i personally would love it! Smiley Happy just doesn't have what i need anymore since finding out i'm diabetic. It would be nice to know if i'm close to being "on track" with my carbs, and being able to see in black and white what i've eaten and had to drink would be awesome (without having to use more than one food journal).
Just sayin'....   Smiley Wink




Status: Implemented
Changing this status because, as James mentioned, we have this in place! Thank you for the suggestion and the response.



I had difficulty with the Risk Test due to two of the questions.


I am adopted but I was forced to choose whether my mother/father has/had diabetes. I have no way to know that. Maybe adopted or unknown should be an option.


Also, I am biracial. In this society, we have many multiracial, mulitethnic people. Why are we forced to choose one race? Please allow the race section to allow for multiple choices.


Just my two cents.


Thank you!

Experiences section

Status: New Idea
by lovebios on ‎12-01-2011 12:48 AM

I have an undeveloped idea that might help those new to diabetes.

I read the board versus searching for anything, so I may not know how the search feature really works.  

My thought is to create an "experiences" section.  Instead of the focus being a topic, it would be an interesting or helpful experience or thought regarding that topic.  On the main board, we would usually see: "Why are my blood sugars going crazy?" , but in the experience section, it might be "Metformin - How much I needed to get control", "Insulin - the dangers my doctors never told me about", or "Atkins - Monitor blood sugar closely".  I'm thinking of small, autobiographical events that may help someone who searches that first key word; I'm picturing a type of library.


When I knew almost nothing except the words and terms my doctor used regarding diabetes, it was overwhelming!  All this new information, that sounded so clinical, just blended together.  It wasn't until I started hearing other people's experiences that it became understandable.  The facts and thoughts from another person's story, describing how is it similar or different to what I was experiencing, how long it took for results, did they think the benefit outweighed the risk, or what were things they would they do differently, all expanded my frame of reference beyond what the doctor said.  Let's face it - most doctors don't have personal experience with diabetes, and for legal reasons, couldn't share anything outside of the usual medical response.  The ways we tweaked various things to make them work, and when we decided to give up on other ideas, products, meds, etc., are all good for increasing our understanding while we spend time on the main board discussing current issues and situations.


I hope this will help.  Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

Aspartame Disappointed with ADA

Status: Archived
by lisamit on ‎02-05-2013 09:49 AM

I was diagnosed with Diabetes in September.  Therefore, one of my various areas I have used as a research tool is this website.  Afterall, who would you think knows more about managing Diabetes than the "American Diabetes Association.  Well I am very disappointed!  It says on this website that you can drink diet sodas.  I have been drinking a diet rootbeer at night with crushed ice to help relieve the desire for that late night munchy.  I had noticed that my glucose levels seem to be higher the next morning when this was my alternative.  So last night, after dinner, I checked my glucose level in one hour.  During the second hour I had a diet rootbeer on ice.  When I re-checked,at the next hour interval, my glucose level, low and behold, had increased.  So this morning I did some research and found that there have been several studies on consuming Aspartame and diabetes.  I was shocked to find that all of these studies say that a diabetic SHOULD NOT consume anything with this sweetner as the result is, what I seen last night, increase your glucose levels.  These studies reveal in great detail how Aspartame affects glucose levels, kidney functions, and many other heatlh concerns. 


I am very disappointed that within the American Diabese Association I was misled.  Because, I believe most diabetics truly rely greatly on the information found on this site is the most correct.  I am imploring that you organization please make sure that the information given is, just that, the most correct and up-to-date.

Status: Archived


Status: New Idea
by jenrferruso on ‎10-16-2012 05:57 AM


Type 1 support

Status: New Idea
by capugh on ‎10-05-2012 03:20 PM

I know that ADA & JDRF work together, but on your calendar, you should include the JDRF Walks also.


Separate Login Page

Status: New Idea
by pbruno1 on ‎04-20-2012 08:43 AM

When we login, it looks like the page is a generic page where others like patients can access content also.  The page is SO busy.  Can this be changed to be less confusing?  Just an idea....

Status: New Idea

shopping and food labels

Status: Under Consideration
by on ‎02-22-2012 01:40 PM

How about a video trip to a grocery store explaining label reading?

Status: Under Consideration
I like this suggestion, as well! Will pass it along to our nutrition team.

There are many grandparents out here who love and cherish our grandchildren.  It is so difficult for our children with a newly diagnosed type 1 child, to manage all that needs to be done, there doesn't seem time enough to make sure the family unity  stays intact.  A section like this may be helpful to us to know HOW to help without being in the way, but still maintain the unique relationship of that child and his grandparents.

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old threads revived--boo!

Status: New Idea
by on ‎05-27-2016 05:45 PM

How about having some sort of moratorium on old threads?


For example, after a thread has been "dormant" for say, 12 months, it will be locked. (Shut down? I don't know the right term).


In other words, no new comments can be posted on it. It will still show up when people read the forums (if they go that far back) and it will still show up when people do a search for the thread's topic, but if someone feels "inspired" by one of these threads, they can start their own new one.



Surely there could be some sort of "automatic shutdown" in place so that threads that have been inactive for however-long will simply no longer 'accept' new posts.



I don't feel there's anything magical about the12-month period, but I do think 12 months is a very generous amount of time to leave an inactive thread open. Maybe less than 12 months would be better?



Oftentimes, I find comments on old threads from people offering advice and suggestions to those who posted long ago on the thread and who may not even be active in the community any longer. Plus contentious threads (or those with 'downer' titles like "I received my death sentence today") can be revived over and over and over if they're not locked or shut down. Smiley Frustrated

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This message was moved because it is a solicitation, which is not allowed on these forums. Surveys are included in the ban on solicitations. Questions? Contact the administrator at Thank you, The Moderation Team

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I am new to this forum and would like to inquire whether the U.S. has the equivalent of Austrailia's Kellion Victory Medals.  Here is their related website: 


Can anyone help with this question?


Thank you!



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Tenn Liscense Plate

Status: Under Consideration
by J18G11J10j2 on ‎07-20-2015 05:32 PM

Finances can be raised for research by use of Tn Liscense plate.  A tenn rep will sponser and we will need

10000 people to agree to purchase.  The cost is normally $60 dollars with approximately $40 going to research.  I am willing to work on this is organization will back me.  No cost to organazation.

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Honored contributors

Status: Under Consideration
by on ‎07-11-2015 01:45 AM

I would like to see a list of "honored" contributors - as it would be benificial; especially to new members to seek advice from those experienced members who are motivated to help.  It would also seperate the advice of an honored member from a novice.  Recently I saw a post from someone who said they had a "cure" for diabetes...which has since been removed  Smiley Happy

With this list of "honored" members, for me, it would be a way - if I chose enable me to get the proper advice.

New members may believe the occasional snake oil salesman that trolls, or simply good intentioned, yet inaccurate advice.


Thank you for your time...



Status: Under Consideration

Thank you all for your continues feedback on the rankings system. It is part of our platform for now, but something I will keep in mind going forward.

In the meantime, please know that it is intended to reward our members and provide an element of fun. But no matter how experienced a member may be, please always check with your diabetes care team before making any changes to your treatment plan.



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doctor acountability

Status: New Idea
by on ‎07-11-2015 01:33 AM

When I was diagnosed 16 years ago-it involved a trip to he e.r. when i knew something felt wrong (thirsty, incredibly hungry, losing weight)   The docs gave me insulin to bring my 535 reading down below 200-i stayed there for about 1 week-I was sent home with a 'script for metformin-with the only advice given "Eat a balanced meal and here's a meter-check your bg 3 times daily" 


I have seen many posts where members have stated they were given minimal dietary direction, if any.

I honestly thought my experience was unusual and more a product of the is sad and I believe unconscionable that the medical community still does not adhere to it's motto of "First, do no harm".  I believe sending people on their way with no direction is doing harm by omission. 


In 2 separate stays in 2 hospitals what amazed me most was when it came to nutrition.  I was given a menu-to select what I wanted for the next day's meals.  There was no direction or limiting of what i could order.  I was allowed to order pancakes with syrup, toast with jelly, juice and chocolate milk.  As I was kept for about a week each time-I would have several nurses and not one questioned the amount of carbs i was having.  They were amazed and quite puzzled when one day my   was high, other days low.....even though they gave me the same dosage of insulin the night before.  They had absolutely zero clue as to the impact of carbs upon bg.  If they don't know-then how is the average joe/joanna supposed to ?

It is sad that I have learned more online than I have from any medical personnel. 


I would like to see a place to report doctors who do not give the very basic, simple advice of "Log onto the A.D.A. website-as part of your treatment-there are support forums there that are very informative and helpful "    


That particular post could be anonymous-I am not on a witch hunt - but I believe that if the ADA had said list and sent them a simple message questioning their ethics, it would hold more weight than if I sent them a complaint.

You could also post a high five of your own to those practitioners that do the right thing.

If I were unhappy about my treatment-a list of truly concerned doctors would be a great benefit.


My perception of the A.D.A. before diagnosis was a place for information that my doctor had already given me.  Surely a doctor would not simply misguide me.  I had supreme confidence and faith in the medical community and thought I was doing things right....that my diagnosis was merely heredity and my eating habits had no role-which was wrong of course.  I don't believe the average person knows about the impact of weight, too many carbs in the meal and genetics have in laying the groundwork  for diabetes.....i thought it was like cancer-you get it or you don't and there is nothing you can do about it but treat it if your number is called. 


While I have my diabetes in control through diet/excercise alone-for two years now with zero meds, I wish I knew what I know now 16 years ago.


Sorry about the rant, but I think there is a flaw in the medical community that can be addressed by making them accountable and rewarding by praise those practitioners that "First-do no harm"


Thank you for your consideration,




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To bring a real change!

Status: New Idea
by Goldhelper on ‎05-28-2015 11:47 AM

I have a very easy and excellent idea to prevent diabetes! Just go to the US FDA website and leave a comment. Let it say that we want there to be a mandate for nutrition lables to include a daily percentage value for sugar just like they have for saturated fat, and fiber and so forth. I already did. It's very easy. If you don't get the connection then you probably don't regularly use and read nutrition lables. That information could dramatically change people's perceptions of the health of different foods. Like the fact that many low fat foods are, instead, pumped with sugar to improve the taste when, health wise we would be better off with leaving the fat in.

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Status: New Idea
by on ‎04-28-2015 08:30 PM

Why is it we don't have a pre-diabetes section on this forum? We maybe able to delay the disease in some folks.  I still don't understand why doctors (endos) refused to treat this pre-form of diabetes.  Just wondering.

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Status: New Idea
by MiriamMansour on ‎03-02-2015 10:36 PM

I did not have Medicare Part D the last 2 years.  I was taking Metanx for neuropathy when it appeared in both legs.  I no longer have neuropathy, but Metanx is not covered under Medicare Part D.  Adding Part D is a hardship since some meds were discounted or free due to my income.  I now am paying a penalty for "as long as I have Medicare"--that may be 30 more years in addition to paying a premium which is the equivalent of 1 month's income and paying more for meds.  I had a pharmacist from CVS Caremark look for alternatives.  He found a few but none of them were covered.  Metanx also helped my major mood disorder.  It is a fact that diabetics and people with mental illnesses have nutritional deficiencies.  Is there anyway to get nutritional cures preferred over chemical ones, or is the pharmaceutical industry to blame?


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