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As a team captain for a few years, I'd like to suggest improving the user experience within the web pages.

The user-developed team pages and personal pages need to be easier to find. They don't appear in a navigation menu. And users can't easily find starting points and navigation hints to move quickly between their team page and the user pages.


Then, if they want to improve their pages (and if the team captain wants to improve the team page), the navigation is nearly impossible to repeat.


What does the site map look like?


I've had to recommend to my users that they bookmark almost every page they want to revisit.


I'm a big fan of the ADA, its mission, and especially the walks and the Tour de Cure.

Thanks for considering this suggestion.

As a team captain, I often like to bounce ideas off other team captains for improving our team and challenging other teams to step up and grow.  Facebook has been my main means of doing this, but I am limited to the captains I know that are on Facebook.  Is there a way to add this option in Convio or on this forum?

Online Registration

by TourdeCureMN on ‎08-28-2012 12:33 PM

I would love it if there was an option online to register the entire family at once, instead of each person individually! Thanks!

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by companyclerk on ‎03-13-2014 02:22 PM

This year I have been lucky to get two and three donations in a day... On my Tour Center page where I can send out a Thank You... I click on the person's name and that section of the web page goes blank and then I must scroll up to where I can fill in and send an email...


When I go to send out a Thank You email to other donors... Their names are no longer there, in fact my 'IN-BOX' is no longer there.  I must reload the page to get it back.  Each time waiting as the blue box tries to load.


While the In-Box show a maximum of the past 12 items, there is no way to go beyond that to see older emails.  In this day and age, this is the 'Lowest' level of email capibilities I have seen... Certainly the IT Staff and the available software would allow a much higher level of access and ease of use.


Phillip Meskin

Saint Petersburg, FL

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I live in southwest ohio along the little miami bike trail. Your bike tour was in clearcreek township, wayne township along and around state route 42 in waynesville. Im writing to ask you to come back and clean up your mess. Your bike tour posted signs all along the roadway that are still there today. They painted markings along the road so often that it is noticeable and ugly. Please come back and remove the signage and paint over the markings on the road. Why cant you use printed signs and then remove them. I dont understand why your bike riders need to have painted signs on the roadway in order to be able to follow a path. They dont have that luxury in a car, how do they get around without the painted road markings. You choose our town because of the beautiful scenery and lovely terrain and then you trash it and leave. Its bad enough that you take your tour out on the road instead of following some of the hundreds of miles of bike path that are provided and maintained for bicycles, but then you have to post signs and paint the road AND THEN LEAVE YOUR MESS. You should be ashamed. The Diabetes Association should mandate that tours using their name be required to leave the area the way it was before their tour arrived. I know one thing, everytime I see your signs and paintings I am reminded of how your bike tour clogged up the roadways all day, and everytime I drive down the road on my way to work where they will be asking me for my annual designation to charity I remember your group and make the conscious effor to show my coworkers and vendors the pictures of the graffiti you left on the road from this and past years. I tell them my story about how each year your bike tour rides on the road adjacent to the bike path and show pictures of the long backups of traffic behind two bicyclists riding tandem down a 55 mph posted road. In the end I remind them of the group responsible for the issues in my area and ask them to boycott donations to you until you show some respect and return to the area to clean up your mess. thank you

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Last year was the first year I rode ... I didn't know about Team red until a week or so after I registered.


It would be good if you could join, form, or change your team after registration.