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having issues with insulin and fasting numbers

I am a type 2 diabetic and 17 weeks pregnant.  I switched to insulin about a month ago. 
I am having many issues with this.
I call in my blood sugar 2 times a week to the high risk OB.  We have had to make a few changes to the insulin.  My OB is not always there so what ever OB is they are the ones that determine if changes need to be made. Today the nurse I spoke with was very impressed with my numbers and said there would be no changes.  Well, the OB wants my fasting to be in the 70s or 80's.  Because this is what a normal person would be. I have NEVER been that low in the morning and last time I checked I am not "normal" anymore.

Also when I inject my insulin it hurts and itches.  Is this normal?  My OB says I need to just deal and the diabetes educator says I may be allergic.  But my OB won't do anything about it.
I am so frustrated about this and I know I am stressed and that is not helping the numbers.My normal fasting is usually around 92-95.  After meals it's under 120.

So I guess I would like to know if being in the 70s and80s fasting is what all OBs want and if so how the heck to you get there?

Sorry all over the place I'm just very upset about this all and sometimes I feel as if I would like to throw in the towel.
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having issues with insulin and fasting numbers

I'm sorry, but we don't have a very active forum here, but there is a very good one called Diabetic Mommy  click here

I'm sure that you'll find a lot of help there.

Knowledge is Power!

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having issues with insulin and fasting numbers

The first trimester is really hard. . My glucose levles were up and down big time (200-360) while preg.   By the second trimester things were a BIT BETTER and then stabilized.  My last trimester, I couldn't seem to get my numbers UP = I lived in the 20's and never went over 80.

It's not the highs or lows, it's the constant rising and falling that is the issues.

I had a great perinatologist in So. California.. I had been diabetic about 28 yrs when I had my son and I was 38 when I gave birth.  He is perfect.


oh yeah, if there's any chance you'll want more kids, I suggest to keep a diary.  I did and I had a lot of notes about what I ate, etc.. I was taking a LOT of insulin via insulin pump by the end.

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having issues with insulin and fasting numbers

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having issues with insulin and fasting numbers

I have issues with my insulin & fasting numbers too...You are not alone...Im trying to get pregnant & my high risk OB wants my fasting numbers to be in the 70 or 80's...That is not gonna happen for me, but I try my best...My high risk OB's other patients are also told the same thing...I think they tell us this, so we can do our best....Try not to be frusterated, I also have NEVER been that low in the AM in my life either.

Injecting does hurt me, but itches sounds weird. Maybe there are different needles you can try or other types of insulin. You may want to try a different injection site, where there is more fat helped me. Also ask you endocrinologist or your high risk OB about an Insulin Pump...I have been on one & it really helps me. Plus when you are pregnant it should also help.

Hang in there, don't throw in the towl...Just think about your beautiful, healthy baby & this will all be worth it. Take Care
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having issues with insulin and fasting numbers

Has your OB put you on a Gestational Diabetes diet? If not, ask your OB to give you one or if he or she can refer you to a dietician at the hospital. I live in Southern CA and have Kaiser Permanente. I saw the dietician and she put me on an 1,800 calorie Gestational Diabetes diet. I have to eat 6 times a day (Breakfast, AM snack, lunch, PM snack, dinner and PM snack) besides checking my blood sugar and exercise. The dietician told me that the time I eat my PM snack will help regulate my blood sugar (I'm pretty sure she meant the fasting one).

Also, try drink a glass of water (8 oz.) before you test/check your blood sugar. It dilutes your blood sugar.-It's a trick I learned from my mom who's not only a Type 2 diabetic but a retired RN/nurse. Hope this helps!