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Need information

I had gestational diabetes with my first child, I found out late in pregnancy (about 7 months), but I was very proactive, followed a decent meal plan, exercised a little more and my numbers stayed way under the limit from the day I started testing myself. My son displayed absolutely no sign of problems resulting from my GD, before or after pregnancy. My ob/gyn still insisted on induction. It was a horrific experience.
We would like to concieve again, and knowing I am going to need to keep GD at the center front in my pregnancy I need to get some more information. From earlier mentioned experience I would really rather not be induced again if at all possible (most people don't have bad experiences with induction, a few prefer it, my step-mom won't have children any other way, it just is not ideal for me). I would like to know what precautions I would need to take to birth a child naturally, or is that even a possibility for me?
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Need information

I am trying to get pregnant.  I am working with a HIGH RISK OB...They are helping me a lot and giving me a ton of information.  My Insulin Pump, Continuous Glucose Monitor, Healthy Diet, & Checking my Blood Sugar every 1-2 hours is helping me try to manage my blood sugar better. 

You may want to look into having a High Risk OB (Perintologist) they know a lot more about pregnancy and diabetes. 

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Need information

I was also diagnosed late in prenancy and have yet to deliver. I started managing it right away and my doctor does not believe we have any cause for concern. I would interview as many OB's as possible until you find one that is sympathetic to your concerns and seems to have the same view on labor and delievery as you do. Also, make sure you eat right from the beginning so there is less to worry about. I had a horrible experience with my first child during labor and delivery so I looked for a clinic and hospital that fit me better with my second and I am going to deliver there with my third. I plan on having a natural birth, when managed correctly normal births are definately a possibility. Did you go over due? Was your baby really big? Some OB's are more confortable inducing to reduce the change that the baby gets to big, from everything I have learned it is not necessary though. Best of luck Smiley Happy
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I had gestational diabetes w my first pregnancy and was induced....i was also insulin dependant and was told after my daughter was born, the diabetes 'went away'. Right now I am pregant again and am told I now have type 2. Your concern is the induction, my concern is proper after care after the baby is born. Were you insulin dependant during the pregnancy?

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Re: Need information

Most of the time, the main cause of Gestational diabetes os overweight. If you keep your blood glucose level in control then you can also keep contrl on your GD. Weight loss with the help of diet and exercise is the best and natural way to control blood glucose level or GD.

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Re: Need information

I don't know if you are still paying attention to this thread, but yes, you can have gd and a natural birth.  Find a new ob. I was diagnosed about 24 weeks in, followed the diet, had to go on insulin at night to control my fasting numbers, but otherwise kept everything under control.  I asked my ob at one point about induction because I had heard that it was common with gd.   She said she would not let me go much over 40 weeks because of concerns about an overlarge child, but otherwise would let things progress as normal.  I went into labor at 39 weeks and went so fast they didn't have time for an epidural or pitocin.  My son was 7lb 10oz.  I am now 9 weeks pregnant and already starting the diet.  I will get my first glucose test next week and I am considering this a case of forewarned and forearmed.  Good luck!

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