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Winter Snowmobiling

I plan to surprise my 20 year old son, who has type 2 diabetes, with a three day snowmobiling trip this January.  We have done various summer outdoor events together, but this will be our first winter event.  We will return to a hotel each night.  Any special items he needs to be aware of in the cold?




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Re: Winter Snowmobiling

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Being outside in cold weather can burn a lot more calories than everday activities, and that means a lot of carbs too.  A person might need to eat double or more the calories they usually eat if they stay outside for hours at a time in subzero weather.  Definitely carry snacks like bars or raisins in those snowmobile suit pockets. 


If he wants to be able to test outside, he should keep his meter and strips in a pocket INSIDE the suit.

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Re: Winter Snowmobiling

Wow.....what a fun thing to do with your son. We went snowmobiling last year and as Molly says....keep his meter inside his coat or even his to his body. The only problem I had was that one of the other guys broke down and we had to wait for a truck, my feet and hands were really cold ( we sat with our snowmobiles off so No heated handles or seats for an hour), so the next time out we took the hand warmers and boot warmers.....made a huge difference. We also took hot soup and lots of snacks the second time because for some reason I was very hungry during the ride.

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