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Does anyone do Yoga?

I've always incorporated yoga into my workouts, especially the stretching and flexibily poses.
More recently, however, I began taking Bikram or "hot" yoga. I became addicted to it right away. I have not been in a couple of weeks due to a diabetes setback that caused my numbers to rise to an uncontrolled level. I do plan to return, though once I'm stable again.
It's a 90 minute class, so I'll have to ease back into it.

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Does anyone do Yoga?

I do yoga once a week, also pilates, and stretching and toning:  3 classes at the local senior center.  I like the variety, and also I try to get in an hour walk once or twice a week.   The stetching involved in yoga is great to keep you flexible, and probably helps with getting insulin into your muscles, too.
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Does anyone do Yoga?

Yes I have heard it was great for that too!
I do my yoga classes twice a week but I wasn't able to go this week and I'm missing it!

I also walk almost every day, pushing a stroller and holding onto two dogs. ha!

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Does anyone do Yoga?

Hi KM.........I also do Yoga from a DVD. So, I do yoga every other day, and my tai bo DVD the other days. I walk at least an hour everyday and I hop on my ststionary bike for at least 25 minutes of really fast pedaling after every major meal.
I am also doing the P90X workout twice a week plus I have a home gym for weights. I used to do a Boot camp kick boxing workout but the class was canceled. I tried Zumba but since I sweat really bad and the class was always crowded I just dance at home.
I also surf and run after my 6 yr old Autistic grandson that we adopted. I will be 57 in December and I try to exercise on a regular basis because it helps with my blood glucose numbers.

I think I got my Yoga DVD from Giam .com.
Good Luck.................See ya...............Big Red....................Peace
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Re: Does anyone do Yoga?

I think yoga is not only help to lower blood glucose level, but it also helps to keep your body fluxible, mentally keep you cool, keep your spine fluxible and strong and keep you young.


Doing yoga is not easy and needs a master to guide you, but there are some yoga that is slightly easier than the regular yoga. You can get the almost same benefit of regualar exercise by easy to perform those yoga; get benefited with this  Simplified Diabetes Yoga.

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Re: Does anyone do Yoga?

Yoga is an exercise and meditation routine that I enjoy when traveling. When I was traveling every weekend to visit my aging parents, I brought my yoga kit with me. I was there to support them while my mom was going through a health issue and yoga was a wonderful outlet for me to clear my mind and re-charge my myself in a quiet manner. 

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Re: Does anyone do Yoga?

Yoga is one of the best and very much effective form which is helpful for all types of health issues. I am also have faith on the yoga and it's effects. If you are a diabetic then yoga will help you to live healthy live with diabetes but proper form of yoga needed which will suitable for you.  Yoga is also hepful for weight loss and will help to generate the energy level in the body.

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Re: Does anyone do Yoga?

Yes, I do yoga regularly without any exercise trainer.

In start I take few calsses to learn different yoga poses now I do it without any guidance.

It is an ideal exercise for me which helped me a lot to improve my health and fitness.