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Report a Violation of the Terms of Use

In the past, users of the message board were able to send a message to the moderators by clicking on a Report! button.  This version of our message board has a new way for you to report violations of the Terms of Use  to ADAMateo and the other moderators.  All you have to do is click on the link below.  That will open an e-mail form that you can complete and send to us through your own e-mail program. 

Before you start the process, be sure that you have the URL address for the post you want to report.  If the post is the initial post in a new topic, you can copy the address from your browser's address window.  If the post is a reply to an existing discussion, you can obtain its address by clicking on the Direct Link button that appears at the end of the message and copying the address that appears there.
CLICK HERE to report a violation

Using that link will send the report to all the moderators, both during and outside of normal business hours.  Of course, if you have other questions or comments for ADAMateo, you can still send e-mail directly to him at .  

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