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best test meters non finger pricking

My dad has just been bumped up to using insulin for his type 2 diabetes and will be required to test his sugar once he is back home. I have seen the meters on TV that you can prick your arm vs your finger tips. Can someone tell me the name of this meter? And any other information on it will be appreciated. We are very new to this and have a lot to learn.  Thanks so much.  D. Johnson
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best test meters non finger pricking

I don't remember the name of that particular one sorry, but in my opinion testing using your fingures is way better.  Those commercials make it out to look like it is the most painful horrible thing ever.  Everyime I see those commercials I am always thinking to myself "What the?!? Are they serious?!"  Because they are overreacting because 99% of the time it doesn't hurt to prick your finger.  It is pretty insulting actually when the one actor siting in the chair jumps and has some excrushiating face and everyone surrounding him...but leave it to the paid commercials to try to sell something.  When i've tried testing my arms I could never get enough blood to come out EVER and I would try for 5 minutes and nothing.  Testing your fingures takes less than 1 minute.

Though a lot of other meters come with an interchangeable cap for your lancet holder (sorry I don't know the proper name) that is clear and lets you use it on your arm, so it doesn't really matter if you get that particular meter on TV.  I am a fan of Freestyle and I know Onetouch Lite is nice; I would like to switch to that one maybe sometime in the future.
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best test meters non finger pricking

I agree with lieutkusa, I also think that testing on the fingers is best. Sure it hurt at the beginning but you get used to it and it does not hurt any more. You might want to check manufactures or chain drug store websites to compare.

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best test meters non finger pricking

Have him read this bit on "Painless Pricks". Most of the metes will work with pricking spots other than the fingers, it's just a different end for the pricker....nothing to do with the meter itself. One thing to remember if using alternate sites, they tend give results that run a bit behind the fingers. So if one thinks they might be having a low, test the fingers for the most reliable results.
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best test meters non finger pricking

That's the Freestyle brand meter (Flash - coding strips,  Lite - no coding)  that you can use on alternative sites.  My daughter has had one of those since being Dx'd 5 years ago.  She uses her forearms for checking and says it isnt as bad as a finger prick.  Only thing is, we have an agreement.  If she's running high, then she uses her finger to make SURE it's an acurate reading since the finger has been proven to be more acurate for checking numbers.  Once she's back to better levels, she goes back to using her arm again.   She does this even when she's tested both spots and they are within the 20% difference the meter companies are allowed.

We have tested at times when she's at the doctors office.  They do the finger prick and she checks her meter against theirs.  This way, she knows her meter is working correctly for when she's home.

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best test meters non finger pricking

Blood is blood. You can get it out of your earlobe if it makes you happy. The machine doesn't know where the blood is coming from, so it works the same with blood from your finger, your arm or your toes, right? Your fingers can be manually manipulated with the little prickly doo dads. I NEVER use the spring loaded little pencil things to draw blood because they HURT SO BAD! . I simply take the prick thingy with right fingers and get blood from left fingers (about 20 different places so I never have had any problems) Just tell him to prick lightly, you only need about 1/20th of a drop, hmm? Good luck!
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best test meters non finger pricking

I actually have 2 meters..  The ReliOn Confirm and ReliOn Micro (that I take out with me).  They offer what they call "alternate site testing" and have the jabbers with alternate tips but you know what??  I never even bothered.  The ReliOn has an adjustible tip to adjust so it just pricks you enough and the meters need very little blood so I just use the fingers and it doesnt hurt at all.
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best test meters non finger pricking

Welcome to the boards, peacechild
I just did a T2 Diabetes refresher course, and one of the things we were told was:
Don't use alternate site tests to determine mealtime insulin needs, only use fingers. We were told that the finger stick blood is more accurate --
I know this sounds screwy, you'd think blood is blood, but that's what we were told. And, I think there was a note in the manual for my new USB meter that said the same thing (but I can't find the booklet right now.)

As far as meters go, most have an alternate site (clear) cap that fits on the lancet device. Finger pricks done on the side of the end of fingers doesn't hurt much - on the pad of the fingertip there are way too many nerve endings which makes it hurt. Also set the lancet device at the shallowest setting that will get enough blood to test. This takes some practice. I hope this helps you and your dad. ---Speechlady
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best test meters non finger pricking

Our fingers have a much richer blood supply that an area like the underside of the arm.  We need that blood supply to feed the nerves on the fingertips.  Blood in that area is refreshed more often, like the water in a stream, while the blood in the underarm are is more like the backwaters, connected to the circulatory system, but a little less rapidly changed.

As a result, the blood in our fingers is fresh and new, and matches the blood coming from the heart, rather than showing us what was happening fifteen or twenty minutes ago.  It may have a higher or lower glucose content than the blood found elsewhere.

A blood test on the arm may be okay for a morning fasting reading, but if you are concerned about dropping too low, or want to see if your snack was enough to raise blood sugar, testing on the fingers is a lot more precise.

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best test meters non finger pricking

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