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Taxes on DME equipment

Starting on Jan 1 2013 there will be a 2.8% tax on DME equipment  IE:Meters, insulin pumps, wheelchairs, etc, impose by the affordable health care act!  So expect the price to go up and the amount you have to pay!

The tax is on the companies that make and sell the equipment in the US  but Expect the companies to pass on the cost to the consumer or insurance company!



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Re: Taxes on DME equipment

I'm still trying to decide what I think about this excise tax that will be paid by manufacturers.  It happens that 20% of the total tax will be paid by local Minnesota medica device companies, so it has been in the news here.  Here are a couple of quotes from  our local evening TV news:


Minnesota has the largest per capita medical technology industry in the United States, including names like Medtronic, St. Jude’s, Boston Scientific, and dozens of smaller start-up companies.

LifeScience Alley, a trade group representing those companies, says a tax on the sale of devices will be a major setback.

“It puts on the table all of the 35,000 direct medical device jobs, and the over 100,000 indirect supporting jobs in Minnesota as they re-evaluate their business plans and how they are going to adjust to this,” said Ryan Baird of LifeScience Alley.

President Barack Obama told WCCO-TV’s Frank Vascellaro he’s not willing to delay the tax.

“The healthcare bill is going to provide those medical device companies 30 million new customers. It’s going to be great for business and they’re doing really well right now and they’re going to get 30 million more customers as a consequence,” said Obama.


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