Diabetes Mellifluous

A Quickie Post

by on ‎12-18-2011 01:33 PM

Hi to Everyone who is interested in MODY!


No, I have not disappeared!  I lost a post due to a "finger malfunction" and the bad choice of composing it on the board vs. in a Word document, so I will not be doing that from here on in!


Also, I am very fortunate to be in contact with 2 research Docs (one in Chicago and one in Michigan) who are experts on MODY. They have agreed to review everything am saying about MODY that remotely discusses the science involving the disease and how any of us can find out more about MODY in the United States. So, while I have sent of my next column - the next one finishes my story - and then I hope to get into a much more in depth discussion about MODY - I am waiting for a reply. 


Of course, everything here is in my own words - I'm just getting approval on data and wording of the explanations of what MODY is, the warning signs, symptoms, complication and the different Types. 


Thanks in advance for your patience! It should be a matter of days.




The truth is that it feels like I’ve lived around people with diabetes my whole life. My father became insulin-dependent while I was away at college. I still remember the distress in his voice when he called me to tell me. You see, he was an Internal Medicine doctor. I now understand why he was confused that he couldn’t control his glucose with just diet and exercise. “Anni,” he said, the alarm obvious in his voice, “my sugars are out of control.”