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walking, and falling asleep

I'm newebee to this site I've been walking for the last two weeks, about a mile to a mile and half.  But sometimes I come home and fall asleep for 3 to 6 hrs or more sometimes I do take my mds not always but the problem is my husband is going to be tread for cancer he is having cyberknife treatment  which is a very heavy dose of radiotion on the cancer  about 4 treatments.  He can't have an operations because his heart can't take. I don't want to be asleep during this

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Re: walking, and falling asleep

Have the doctors check your thyroid and antibodies. You sound like me I could fall a sleep at a drop of a hat.

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Re: walking, and falling asleep

Have you tried testing your blood sugar after you walk.


Sometimes, exercise can produce either low or high blood glucose numbers, which could make you sleepy. If that is what is happening, then snacking, or not snacking, might make a big difference without a lot of fuss...


good luck in figuring it out...


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Re: walking, and falling asleep

Love the screen name, but I'm pretty sure you're not the 201st chocoholic on this message board!


As others have pointed out, not all problems are because of diabetes and your sleepiness could be due to other medical problems.  It could also be a function of the stress you're under because of your husband's illness.  That's always a tough situation to deal with and I hope sincerely that things work out well for him and you.


"...I do take my mds not always..."  is a little worrisome.  You need to be both eating and taking your meds on a regular schedule.  Ups and downs from doing things irregularly can really mess with your health and make you feel miserable.


Welcome to the T2 community!  Please feel free to ask questions (or just vent a little, if it helps!).


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