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juicing with diabetes

Has anyone tried juicing to help control blood sugar levels? If so do you have some recipes I could try? Any info would help.
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Re: juicing with diabetes

Are you talking about bringing your levels back up from a low? If not you should not be drinking juice.
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Re: juicing with diabetes

No I'm trying to keep my levels down. There are a lot of good Vegetables out there to use
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Re: juicing with diabetes

Most juicers strain out the pulp from the fruit or vegetables in the process of preparing the juice.  You do get the vitamins and minerals and the soluble carbs like sugar and soluble fiber, in a more concentrated form, but not the insoluble fiber that is found in the pulp.


For people with diabetes the insoluble fiber serves two very important purposes.  First, if a person is trying to lose weight, the fiber helps to give a sense of fullness and makes it easier to eat less. Even more important, perhaps, is that fiber isn the digestive tract helps to slow down the absorption of carbs, giving the body more time to react with its own insulin and decreasing any rise in blood glucose from what is eaten.


It seems to me that juicing may be acceptable to a person who wants to add some of the soluble nutrients found in fruits and vegetable to their diet, like vitamins and minerals, but a person with diabetes is better off eating the whole fruit or vegetable, getting the advantages of fiber.

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Re: juicing with diabetes

I prefer to chew my food. As Molly said in her post, you loose some fiber. Plus there is the mental satisfaction from chewing.
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Re: juicing with diabetes

I have a Nutri bullet.  This is the only machine I know of that does NOT remove all the good stuff, like fiber and pulp, from fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  The machine came with a recipe book that has a few for diabetes.  I have noticed that most of the recipes use spinach, kale, or broccoli as the main ingredient.  

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Re: juicing with diabetes

I'm curious why anyone would suggest using juices to control diabetes.


When controlling diabetes, the point is to limit the amount of carbs you eat and to balance them with fat and protein. For most people, this requires adjustments to the diet they were used to following before their diabetes diagnosis. Because diabetes is a lifelong disease, the changes have to be ones that can be continued indefinitely for years--or adjusted as time passes and their condition changes. "Juicing" seems like something that can be sustained for only a short period, and whether or not it gets diabetes under control is a separate issue from the simple fact of taking nutrition in through juices rather than solid food.


Maybe I'm missing something? I hope someone can clarify if I've misunderstood.

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Re: juicing with diabetes

You could certainly try juicing, and use your meter before and after to see how much it raised your blood glucose, as you would with any other food.  I don't think juicing will lower your blood glucose, nothing we eat really lowers it, it is a question of how much it will raise it.  Your peak glucose level may come at a different time (probably earlier) than if you ate solid food, so test earlier and fairly frequently after drinking the juice until you find the time you peak after juicing.  From there, it becomes like any other meal or snack - you find out what it does to your body, and decide if you like that or not.  For me, I don't get the point of juicing rather than eating the vegetables, but others will prefer different things.  It is important that we continue to live life, and do the things that bring us pleasure and satisfaction as much as we can, and figure out how to figure those things into our diabetes plan.


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Re: juicing with diabetes

Two years ago at a diabetes Expo that I attended, there was a "juicer" distributor - and an endocrinologist as the featured speaker.  The endocrinologist said very emphatically that people with diabetes should not drink juice, except when treating a low, but should eat the whole fruit and vegetables.  This past year the "juicer" was not there.

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Re: juicing with diabetes

The amount of fruits and veggies that you can drink is far greater than what you would want to eat. I have only been doing this for a month now. ... so I am still trying to figure it all out. But so far I have lost about 15 lbs. And I am feeling much better. So I want to keep trying it. My highest post meal sugar level was 235 so I was just looking for better ideas to use for my juice.