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energy drink

Newly diagnosed (May 2012) and looking for suggestions. I used to drink some rockstar occasionally... on weekends that were busy before the big D. does anyone know of an energy drink that won't spike numbers. I know the obvious answer is more sleep... but ain't likely to happen anytime soon... lol
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Re: energy drink

I LOVE the low carb <1 lemonade Rockstar.  I drink a big one every morning.

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Re: energy drink

Check the carb count on the labels, then with your meter. Let that be your guide
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Re: energy drink

tinajohnson1966 wrote:
Newly diagnosed (May 2012) and looking for suggestions. I used to drink some rockstar occasionally... on weekends that were busy before the big D. does anyone know of an energy drink that won't spike numbers. I know the obvious answer is more sleep... but ain't likely to happen anytime soon... lol


By definition an energy drink gives a boost of energy and that will come from excessive carbs which will spike numbers. If your real need is an electrolytes replacement drink, there are several diet versions of those on the market.


For your energy needs you are far better off using regular balanced snacks over your weekends. When I am travelling and doing a lot of walking I use a 50/50 mix of raisins and mixed nuts for that. I can nibble as I need to, it can be carried in a ziploc in a pocket without refrigeration and gives a pretty good mix of carbs, fat and protein. I wash it down with water or diet soda.

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Re: energy drink

Zipfizz, which I use sometime, is great. It has 10 calories and 2 carbs (not from sugar). It works well for me. It's mostly B vitamin based, like many of the other energy drinks.

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Re: energy drink

Sugar Free Rockstar has ZERO carbs.  The active energy ingredient is caffeine.  Have you tried the Sugar Free version?

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Re: energy drink

Warning: Not a drink and not always convenient to do, but this might be useful when you need a little pick-me-up...


I've learned that doing some stretching for a few minutes can really chase away the feeling of being tired and having no energy. I took a class (about something else--breathing, I think) in which the teacher talked about the importance of stretching in order to get oxygen to the muscles, brain, and lungs.


We practiced this in class, usually for 5-10 minutes at a time, but even just a few minutes often helps:

  1. Hold a bathrobe belt (or something similar) above your head so that it's stretched tight and your elbows/arms are straight. Hands should be fairly far apart on the belt (so that your arms form a large V shape above your head).
  2. Start stretching by moving the belt in every direction you comfortably can. Keep your elbows/arms mostly straight (it's okay to bend them as you get loosened up) and bend at your knees, waist, ankles, neck, etc. Don't keep your arms above your head--move them from side to side, top to bottom, diagonally, whatever feels good to you--but do keep the belt pulled tight between your hands.
  3. There are no right or wrong stretches as long as you're comfortable and don't push yourself to move in a way that's painful or that aggravates some sore spot (like your knees).
  4. After stretching for several minutes, put the belt over your head again with your arms/elbows straight (as you did to begin, in #1 above) and move your hands a few inches closer together so that the length of belt between your hands is shorter than it has been so far.
  5. Now repeat the stretching, bending, etc., in any and all directions that are comfortable to you. No need to try to duplicate what you did before...just stretch in whatever way strikes your fancy from moment to moment.
  6. If necessary, you can let the belt go slack sometimes, but this usually works better if you keep it tight.
  7. I do this pretty regularly now, and am always amazed at how much more awake and energetic I feel afterward--every single time! And, hey--no sugar, no calories, and absolutely free!
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Re: energy drink

Im allergic to sucralose, which is the artificial sweetener in those five hour energy shots. My coworkers drink em like water. I just take a super b complex pill in the am. It turns your urine bright yellow. But I think it helps me metabolize carbs better. Of course my job requires more energy than most. Stretching does help, it keeps the muscles from cramping later for me.
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