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What to do about a deep boil

Hi all!

A few days ago I developed a deep boil in the crease of my thigh in my groin and within a day, it grew quite large (about 2" in diameter) and is incredibly painful.  It's showing no signs of forming a head yet, and I don't know how much longer I can deal with it. 

The thing is, I just started a new job and I don't have insurance yet, which means no going to the doctor or the emergency room for it, nor can I afford to risk my new job by taking any time off this soon. 

Aside from painkillers and hot compresses, does anyone have a good home remedy to bring this deeply-buried @%$#% to the surface quickly, so it can drain?

FYI, my diabetes is not well-controlled yet...I'm still a work in progress Smiley Sad

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What to do about a deep boil

To tell you the truth, the idea of telling anybody how to take care of a deep boil at home makes me nervous, but here is some information from the Mayo Clinic about boils and carbuncles and how to take care of them. 

Please be careful to get professional help, even if you don't feel like you can afford it, if the boil doesn't respond to your treatment.

Be sure to notice that there is a link near the bottom of each page that leads to the next section of the article.

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What to do about a deep boil

Would it be reasonable to go to the emergency room but outside of your work hours?  Most of the emergency rooms I've been in appeared to be open 24 hours a day.  I've never had a boil  anywhere near that large, so that's all the advice I can offer for it.
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What to do about a deep boil

They are horribly painful...I know, I had something similar but underneath my arm in the armpit area.  Hot compresses only do so much to bring the thing to the surface and it takes a lot of time and the only thing that relieves that pain is to have it lanced and drained.  I got this done at an AM/PM clinic for non-emergencies.  I would make sure they gave you a script for some  anti biotics as well.  If it should start draining on it's own, my doctor told me to clean it out with hydrogen peroxide.
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What to do about a deep boil

Boils seem to be a very common thing to people with uncontrolled high blood sugar. If you do treat it yourself you have to be extremely careful and extra diligent to keep it clean. That means only using sterile gauze and washing your hands very well before touching it. They do usually hurt the most when they are trying to come to a head and this sometimes takes awhile.
DO NOT LANCE OR SQUEEZE the boil. If you lance it you are prone to all kinds of infection and if you try to squeeze it you could make it worse by introducing it into a bigger area underneath the skin which in turn would get a deeper infection.

Keep the area dry and clean and wait it out if you can't go to a Doctor. Here in California we have Mini urgent care places. Call around and ask what an office visit would cost ( here it is 30 bucks) we also have lots of free clinics and some are open on Saturdays.

When I was younger my Mom would scrape a potato and put it on a boil to draw it to a head, I do believe it was the starch in the potato that did this.
Please be very careful with any wound......with uncontrolled sugars you are likely to be slow to heal.

Good luck.......................Big Red.........................Peace
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What to do about a deep boil

OOoohhhh, I had one in my armpit that really got bad a few years ago after trying a new deoderant.  I went to my doctor's office and he took one look at it right in the waiting room and called 2 nurses immediately into a room where he had to slice it open with a scalpel (wound wouldn't accept the Novocaine) and squeeze the nasty stuff out as best he could.  Then he packed the incision with a yard of gauze that I was to pull out after 3-5 days.  I was put on a serious antibiotic to deal with the infection.   It was terribly painful to say the least! 

I will never procrastinate with a boil again!

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What to do about a deep boil

Thank you to everyone who commented!  I really appreciate it. 

I can't go to the doctor yet, because I have NO money and no health insurance...that won't kick in for another 90 days!  My dad had a cyst removed in the emergency room earlier this year and even after his insurance, it cost almost $1000!  Needless to say, that route is out of the question.

As it turned out, about 2:30 this morning, I woke up a with mild fever and the boil had come to a head.  As soon as it started draining, my fever went away and it's not nearly as painful, although it has a way to go before it stops seeping.

I used hot compresses and PRID drawing salve - for a homeopathic remedy, it works like a charm!

Thanks again!