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What is an ideal blood sugar reading for a Type 2 diabetic?

Hey gang, I am Lico and I'm new to take to diabetes? As many of you when we first got it, after the initial shock we/ "I", have a lot of questions. Regardless of what my b s was prior to Type 2 diabetes, I've always tried to eat relative healthy. I introduced a lot of crabs to my diet. I feel that the only thing which I need to do is cut/ omit all those crabs out. And it has worked. I'm only 9 days into it and my numbers have drastically dropoed with morning readings as low as 95, noon 125 and evening 95. This being said, what is an ideal reading we as diabetics should strive for?
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What is an ideal blood sugar reading for a Type 2 diabetic?

Welcome, shifting gears

First of all, and I have to say it--it comes with initiation here--those crabs are actually really good for you--just like other seafood.  No carbs there. Sounds like you have figured out, however, that carbs matter.

Ideal readings for diabetes would be totally normal numbers that someone without diabetes would have. That's ideal because it would do the most to prevent any repercussions of diabetes later in life. So that would be anywhere from 65-100, typically around 80-85, in the morning and before meals, and a maximum of 120 after meals.

Not everyone can manage that, and very few can manage that all of the time.  Provessional organizations set more liberal goals for diabetes, such as <100 before meals, or <140, <160 or  even <180 2 hours after a meal, but they usually say that closer to normal is better.

Your numbers sound pretty good, particularly if you are testing after meals.  Or are those test before breakfast, lunch and dinner? I f they are before eating, then only the lunch reading is off, and that might get back to what you ate for breakfast...


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What is an ideal blood sugar reading for a Type 2 diabetic?

Morris beat me to the crabs; seafood is marvellous food  for us Smiley Happy

However, presuming you meant carbs, it looks like you are heading in the right direction. The ideal numbers are non-diabetic numbers. There is a bit of disagreemernt on those, but in general non-diabetics are likely to be around 70-100 (4-5.5) most of the time and rarely go over 125 (7) after even the biggest meal.    

As to what you should aim for, please read these: Blood Glucose Targets and Test, test, test

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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