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Victoza and diarrhea

Does anyone have any ideas on how to control diarrhea that may be caused by Victoza?  I have used the drug since 12-4-13 and had the full feeling and almost constipation until about 2 weeks ago, now I have diarrhea everyday, never feel full like before either.  Has anyone taken meds to control the diarrhea and if so how did it work?  Or will this stop eventually?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Victoza and diarrhea

Don't know, but would talk with doctor, for sure.

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Re: Victoza and diarrhea

My dochad me managing the side effects with antidiarrheals when I was on victoza. He also had me decrease my dose down for a bit to ease up on the symptoms. I stayed at one dose until my body could handle it, and then moved. How much are you taking? I would definitely call your doc to see what he or she recomends.

Feel better soon,
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Re: Victoza and diarrhea

I started on Victoza (1.2 dose) the same day you did.  So far, no problem at all.  I wish I could lose weight on it, as the ads for Victoza claim many have done.  Sorry you are having a problem.  You're doctor may be the one to consult.  Best wishes with this stinking disease that all of us would love to conquer............Heart