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Test Strip Expiration Dates

I did a search here for what posts I could find. No insurance and not working currently. I have been able to get a pretty good number of Bayer Contour Strips that should last me awhile quite cheap just took alot of my time.

The strips have various expiration dates. I read that some manufacturers booby-trap the meters to cheat you if you try and use after the expiration instead of just saying reading maybe innaccurate to cover their a##. S previous post mentioned the Contour does not do this, does anyone know if the Contour USB will allow use past expiration? 

Does anyone have experience using strips (especially Contour) after expiration? Would they tend to read high or low?

Since strips seem to have a 2 year expiration from production (from what I see on far dated bottles at store). One would think any degradation would be slow and possibly progressive from production date until, depending on storage manufacturer cannot guarantee staying within their limits? Would would tend to be systematic? So if stored properly even months after might be close or close enough to adjust result?

Thinking worst case as some expire could either sync up to a lab visit, comparison test versus a batch well before expiration to compare (and if necessary adjust)?
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Test Strip Expiration Dates

Can't comment on the reliability of using out of date test strips but if you think your meter can read the expiration date of the test strips then simply change the date on your meter.
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Test Strip Expiration Dates

Best, of course, not to end up with expired strips.
I have used them , but never more than a month after.  Id did try some that were several years after when I had my first low and my boss ran home for his mother's old meter--those would not read at all.  With just a few weeks or a month over, they seemed to work--this was on a One Touch Ultra.

But yes, running a control test, or comparing them with some unexpired strips would seem to be smart to verify how trustworthy the expired ones are. That is what I did...

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Test Strip Expiration Dates

It's not a great idea  to tell you that using expired strips is perfectly safe, but...

I agree that test strips don't self-destruct on the last day of the month shown on the package.  There is a built-in safety factor so that they will last longer that the expiration date, just like milk may be fine for a few days after the expiration date on the carton if it has been stored carefully all along the way.

Time_lord is right that you can set the date on your meter back a year to work around the expiration date.  I'm not really ready to recommend it, but it sure sounds better than not testing at all because you don't have any strips. 

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Test Strip Expiration Dates

Thanks for the replies, molly you may not want to say safe but against not testing and my a1c so far of 5.5 and no meds so not like I'm going to be lucky enough to go low Smiley Sad. My fasting is killing me been rising been in 112-121. I know I will get bashed but my numbers tonight after I ate and drank (low carb miller lite) make me feel almost normal (yes 80-85 all night would be perfect right?).
6:03pm after eating pre beer 107
7:13pm 88
8:37 107
12:11 am 74 Yeah! Finally normal I think, felt fine ok maybe real normal would be even better like 65 with alcohol?
2:30am 92 high again Smiley Sad
3:06 not peak but right  after eating still high 95.