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Morris or any others who take ALA, do you take the R-ALA that Dr. Bernstein recommends?

I started taking 1 Biotin tablet with my ALA in the evening and it does seem to augment the effects.

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I haven;t sen what Dr. Bernstein recommends, but have read other people recommending R-ALA, and well the first time I typed it, Freudian slip, it came out like $-ALA.  I got great results with the cheapest ALA I could find, at Trader Joe's, and others, who shop at Walmart, have found a cheap version there that worked for them.Does that mean R-ALA isn't better?--no., I can;t say that, but the cheap stuff does seem to have an effect.

Some of the same people who have recommended R-ALA have also stated categorically that you have to buy time-released ALA.  Again this cost several, 3-5, times what regular ALA costs, and again the regular stuff works. In this case, however I have read a convincing argument, and I can send you the link if you want to pay to read it, that time-released ALA does not work at all. ALA is a substance that exists naturally in the body, and when we take ALA in capsules, we are boosting it up to much higher concentrations, concentrations that are effective. But when you time-release it, you might not get enough at any one moment to make a difference.  Instead you get a little now and then a bit more in a couple of hours and then a bit more after that. But ALA has a short half-life--it degrades quickly, so that with time released you never get enough at once to be effective.

Do I know that as a fact? No but it seems reasonable enough to me to think why should I spend a bunch extra for something that may not work as well...

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