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Omega-3 tabs without fishy taste?

Can anyone recommend a brand?  Apparently, they are available.....
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Omega-3 tabs without fishy taste?

I get the Spring Valley Fish Oil brand at Walmart. It has no fishy taste at all.
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Omega-3 tabs without fishy taste?

Fisol is another choice.  I've bought them from Swanson Health Products.
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Omega-3 tabs without fishy taste?

Any fish oil that is Enteric Coated will prevent any fishy taste or "fish burps".

As far as where to purchase, I personally recommend Puritan's Pride

But, then again that's just my personal preference Smiley Happy
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Omega-3 tabs without fishy taste?

What, you don't like penguin burps?

Find a brand that says it's purified.  There are many on the market.

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Omega-3 tabs without fishy taste?

I am definitely a Fisol fan as well. I usually get 180 at a time. I never looked on Swanson's though for Fisol. Thank you for the heads up.

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Omega-3 tabs without fishy taste?

I get mine from CVS. It's called - Odorless Fish Oil
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Omega-3 tabs without fishy taste?

I take fish oil for Triglycerides so you need a high dose of actual Omaga 3's 2500-4000mg. So to minimize # of pills (single strength would be like 9 pills) I take triple strength. For the priceand no aftertaste, the best I have found is Equaline triple strength "900mg Omaga 3, 1400mg pill". They are enteric coated. Its Supervalu's house brand so if your grocery chain is owned by them they should carry it (gray bottle, blue cap) (eg Jewel etc).

They also often go on sale B1G1. If I take with food never get a fish taste.
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Omega-3 tabs without fishy taste?

A few people I know are now taking krill oil. They say the advantages are that there is no aftertaste and it is a much smaller pill that the fish oil horse-size ones.

You can read about it here...  don't forget to click on the file tabs.

I removed the url because it came up with a "free sample site instead of the WebMD blurb about krill oil. Wierd...

Oops, when I made the link that was not what I copied. I will edit if necessary.

I googled krill oil and chose the WebMD site because it did not see to be selling anything.



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Omega-3 tabs without fishy taste?

Here's the link you eventually figured out:

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