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Neuropathy (Excruciating Burning Hot Feet )ALA'S and Gabapentin Meds

Hi Peeps
Need some help pls
I have been on another forum regarding feet care and following Dianne's advice am now starting a new Topic.Thanks to Tom, Alan,and Annie

I received terrific news from my CDE Clinic. My HP1CA test proved that I am not diabetic (WOOOOHOOOO ) yet am suffering terribly from burning feet ( moreso my left foot ) . My feet burn so much that the pain is unbearable, and I could actually chop them off.The sole parts of my feet are red and are also very hot .It is not at a certain time of the day or night , the excruciating pain is permanently there and does not alter depending on what I have eaten.

My CDE Doctor took me off all carbs and Gucophage tabs, and put me on Lyrica Tabs ( One in the morning and one at bedtime ) which gave me some sort of relief for a day or two but the pain has returned with avengence.I can only see my CDE Doctor on the 22nd again to discuss other avenues and meds to use in the meantime i am slowly going off my rocker.I have had painfull and burning feet for approx 4 months now and have only been at the CDE clinic for approx 3 weeks now

I have seen the Podiatrist and I passed all the sensory and nerve tests with flying colours,so she is also confused.The dietician also confirmed that my diet is a healthy one , maybe just a few more veggies

I am going today for IMT (Carotid Arteries Test )the CDE clinic has requested this but I dont see how this is going to help.

Please any advise on what products /meds ( ALA'S / Gabentin's ) I can use to stop this pain will be highly appreciated.My internet research is telling me Lyrica should help.When i get home at night i sit with my feet in the swimming pool for some form of relief , messaging them also does not help.I have found that drinking alcohol offers some form of relief but I cant be boozing it up everyday ,I already walk around at work with slops on as shoes are just too painfull and unbearable, can you image if i piched up at work smelling of booze everyday

Kind Regards

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Neuropathy (Excruciating Burning Hot Feet )ALA'S and Gabapentin Meds

I hate to say it but it sounds like you might have an infection possibly cellulitis but I might be wrong. A course of antibiotics like Keflex should help. The other thing is Morton's neuroma which my Mom had last year and it is extremely painful but I am leaning more to cellulitis. Believe me I feel for you. I hope you are able to figure things out.

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Neuropathy (Excruciating Burning Hot Feet )ALA'S and Gabapentin Meds

Colin, If you read my post under Alternative treatments for Neuropathy, you might find some ideas there that will bring relief. The traditional prescription meds, Neuronton and Lyrica, only give me mimimal relief from the pain and I find that using a combination of treatments works best.

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Neuropathy (Excruciating Burning Hot Feet )ALA'S and Gabapentin Meds

I normally recommend at great length that people do tow things for diabetic peripheral neuropathy--get blood glucose down to normal, and take Alpha Lipoic Acid to see if that helps.

But ther are 2 reasons why diabetic neuropathy might not be what your problem is--first off you don;t test positive for diabetes, and your report more pain in one foot than the other--usually they are pretty much the same when diabetes is the cause.

On the other hand, I wouldn't exclude diabetes on the basis of normal A1c. An A1c reflect average blood sugar and can mask extreme highs averaging our with lows. So you should have an oral glucose tolerance test to be sure, and/or should be testing with a home glucose meter after meals to make sure that you don;t have diabetes. Eat a meal with 75 grams of fast acting carbs, and test for the next 2 hours to approximate an OGTT. If you are not diabetic, or prediabetic, you will never go above 140 no matter what you eat.

Also, if you have changed your diet recently in the months before the A1c was tested, iot could be that your blood sugar was high for a long time when you were not tested, even if you now have it under control. In such a case, the current A1c could be masking the possibility that past high blood sugars created the condition you now suffer from.

Based on those considerations, are you sure you can exclude diabetes as a diagnosis? If so, look for another cause. If not, investigate a bit further, and if you think it could be diabetes come back for more help...

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Neuropathy (Excruciating Burning Hot Feet )ALA'S and Gabapentin Meds

Have you had a nerve conduction study? You can have a pinched nerve or damaged nerve in your feet/legs/back that could be causing this problem. Request an EMG if you have not already had one done. Thats about the only thing I know to tell you right now. I have had nerve problems for years now and I truely know how it feels, the pain/burning/stabbing/ electric shocks have made me miserable for years!!!

Make sure when they do the EMG they do it from your back down both legs. You could have nerve damage anywhere along the way that would cause this. Go to a doctor that has a lot of experience doing the test also. Good luck to you, I know almost nothing helps not even narcotics helped me, I was still miserable and threatened more than one time to cut off my arms and feet from the pain.

I have been diabetic since my teens, type 2. I produce no insulin of my own so I take Lantus and Humalog daily.
I have several severe diabetes related complications, Gastroparesis, peripheral neuropathy of both arms and legs, autonomic neuropathy involving internal organs and blood vessels, kidney damage, HTN, vision issues. I also have COPD and severe Asthma. I am a uterine cancer survivor and had a TAH BSO at 35. I have had genetic blood work done that shows my neuropathy issues are hereditary and would of occurred even without diabetes. I also have very severe depression and anxiety. When not on my "mental health meds" I am not a very nice person and am good at alienating everyone around me including myself.
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Neuropathy (Excruciating Burning Hot Feet )ALA'S and Gabapentin Meds

Burning pain on foot. If you have taken an EMG with no discovery of polyneuropathy, it must be Athlete's foot (also known as ringworm of the foot and tinea pedis) is a fungal infection of the skin that causes scaling, flaking, and itch of affected areas. It is caused by fungi in the genus Trichophyton and is typically transmitted in moist areas where people walk barefoot, such as showers or bathhouses. Although the condition typically affects the feet, it can spread to other areas of the body, including the groin. Athlete's foot can be prevented by good hygiene, and is treated by a number of pharmaceutical and other treatments. Or some type of chemical agent on your skin. Rule all of the above out. The next step, it could be a reaction to a medication you are taking (read side-effects). Google or yahoo Burning In Feet. The best person to research is you, because it could be a sea of different reasons.

Lyrica has to be in your system awile. Lyrica takes officially about 2 weeks to work effectivly.

Again, you stated not DX diabetes nor neuropathy. Don't give up! Keep asking a thousand questions. You might stumble on the correct answer. Good Luck
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Neuropathy (Excruciating Burning Hot Feet )ALA'S and Gabapentin Meds

Not Diabetic, so why returning to a CDE for help?!?!

Get your foot doctor on his/her toes about your feet burning cause it's NOT diabetic related.

Foot doc needs to do usual Dx of both feet for non_diabetic reasons.

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Neuropathy (Excruciating Burning Hot Feet )ALA'S and Gabapentin Meds

Thanks to all for your responses
Here is a thing, I had the IMT there is artery wall thickening but this could be due to the 30 odd years of smoking,( I have now stopped smoking for 4 years ) , but no plague build up which is good news and am in no immediate danger of a heart attack or stroke .Then had the arterial Doppler Test ( from groin to feet ) and this came up as no abnormality found so now the next step is neurologist .
Cellutitus has also been ruled out , and will speak to the Doc about athletes foot as I have no flakes on or around my feet but thanks to all for responses , I will just keep plodding along untill some sort of relief is found

The CDE Doc requsted me to come back to him so that other avenues for treatment can be discussed.

I still think that alchohol has something to do with bringing relief to the burning hot feet as I had a few ciders last night and the pain subsided to a bearable pain .It would be good to hear your opinions on this subject.

Kind Regards
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Neuropathy (Excruciating Burning Hot Feet )ALA'S and Gabapentin Meds

Hmmm, sounds like an alcohol deficiency to me.....

On the serious side, think of how alcohol may effect one's body. If it seems to give you relief then maybe a med that does the same things (no-not get you drunk ) might be the answer.

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