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My New AIC New Med's

Hi Everyone,

I went to my diabetic specalist yesterday and my new AIC are up a bet from 6.4 to 6.8  He was still pleased with my AIC but he started me on Victoza (Liraglutide) 0.6mg  for 7 days then 1.2 mg.,  because I gained back 8 lbs after losing 32.lbs so i would like to know if anyone has taken Victoza before and what was your resalts ?

My Feet are slowly get better ( neuropathy ) after being on Lyrica (pregabalin) and ALA,Evening Primrose,& Vitaman B12 .. I hope they get  better as my wieght comes down.. I woul like my AIC to be in the 5's 

So i hope everyone is well


BC Canada

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Re: My New AIC New Med's

Hi my friend!  Sorry to hear that your A1c went up as well as a little weight gain.


There are a few people on the board who take Victoza and some who have taken Byetta which is a similar injectable drug. It is always a little slow on the weekend but here is the most recent thread that I found by using the search box above (I just typed in Victoza)


Lorett, if you don't have many answers on this thread you might start another that has the word Victoza in it's subject line.


I am sure that there will be quite a few interested in how your new med is working, particularly since it is really supposed to help with weight loss.




Diagnosed as type 2 in 2005 with an A1c of 9.1

Started with metformin and a low dose of an ARB for blood pressure. Added a sulfonylurea (a med that helps my pancreas produce my own insulin) Also a low dose of Crestor to lower my cholesterol.
After 7 years I could no longer tolerate metformin so am doing my best to keep control with a max dose of the sulfonylurea and lots of walking, some swimming.
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Re: My New AIC New Med's

I wanted to let you know about my husband's experiences with Victoza.  He started Byetta in January of this year.  He switched to Victoza in February. (Both drugs are similar in action.  He switched to Victoza because he only had to give it once daily) He just got his latest hgb a1c back.  It was 5.5.  He has lost 94 lbs since January and still has about 70 lbs that he would like to lose.  He was taken off Victoza in September because of his improvement in blood sugars.  He also has been on glipizide and Janumet.  To accomplish what he has with weight loss he has exercised regularly and cut his carbs.  The Victoza was a very big help to him.  I hope that it will be helpful to you.  If you have any more questions I would be glad to answer them from his experiences.  He is not much for posting on the internet and that is why it is me posting instead of him.  Oh by the way I forgot to mention that his fasting blood sugars were in the 300 to 400 range in January when he started on Byetta.


Good Luck!

Wife of T2 diabetic who has been on byetta since 1/11. He then switched to Victoza on 2/19/11.
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Re: My New AIC New Med's

Hi My Friend

Thank You for your post, and thanks for the idea to repost with Victoza in the Subject line i well try it ... put all is well with you

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Re: My New AIC New Med's

Thank You Butterfly1

Your post was very encouraging I sure hope the Victoza works as well for me Smiley Surprised)

what was the glipzide & janumet for, was it also weight lose and lowering the BG ?

Thanks again foe your great post  :smileyhappy  Smiley Happy

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Re: My New AIC New Med's

Victoza, like Byetta, is noted for helping with weight loss--that effect comes from slowing digestion, so that you don't feel hungry again as quickly after eating.


I am glad to read you are making some progress with the neuropathy. If you can get your blood sugar levels down more, you may be able to reverse some of that neuropathy, perhaps enough to give up the Lyrica. At the very least you can limit the progression of the neuropathy. For me the neuropathy was worth anything I could do to get blood glucose levels down.  The Victoza should help with that, so...good luck!




Diagnosed Type 2, with an A1c of 11.4 in 2003; averaging a 5.0 A1c since then with diet, exercise and Glipizide XL + meds for blood pressure and cholesterol. 
A bit dated, but scroll down on this page if you want to know more ...