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My A1C level was 8.4

I was lectured by my Dr pretty darn good for my A1C being 8.4. Now I have talked with a few others and although they admit that it is up there some, they say it could be a whole lot worse. So I thought I would take it to the very people who would know. The Dr said if I keep it up there I am a prime candidate fot having a stroke or a heart attack. So could someone please enlighten me. I am type two I take MetFormin 2 X's dly.
   My downfalls are Dr Pepper and Dryers Carmel Delight and I swear I have cut down but am having a real hard time quitting altogether. Someone told me about Icecream that is sugar free but when I looked at Safeway I didn't see any in all of the ice cream section and I know thats not a good enough excuse.
   I did start walking a few months ago but I need to be more consistant with it. So if anyone can offer any insight or tell me or educate me I would really appreciate that. Thanks in advance..Happy Monday all
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My A1C level was 8.4


That's a pretty high A1C, but, a lot of us started much higher than that.

A few questions first. Was this your initial diagnosis? If not, what was your initial A1C?  What other things are you eating, besides the Dr. Pepper and ice cream? There are lots of carbohydrates in everything from bread, to milk, to cereal, pasta and potatoes. All of that could be affecting your blood sugar.
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My A1C level was 8.4

If your doctor has not done so, you need to lecture him/her on the need to connect you and other diabetics with a good certified diabetes educator.

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My A1C level was 8.4

I agree, that is a high A1C..sure you could be even higher. But you are already doing damage IMO staying at 8.4.

Have you tried Diet Dr Pepper? That tastes pretty close to the real thing. And as far as ice cream..I dont know. I dont even look at it most of the time. Since being DX'd last year, I had some with my ice cream cake on my bday. Then once I tried some sugar free stuff that I bought from Target. It wasnt bad. But you cant really eat too much because it still has carbs.

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My A1C level was 8.4

Sure your A1c could be higher.  But despite the fact that everything is relative, do you really want to compare your really bad A1c to someone else's really bad A1c? 

Maybe you're just looking for someone who'll say "That's not so bad."  Maybe some validation for going ahead with what you want to do anyway.  We'd be terrible examples if we did that right now.  What you may need to hear from us is the plain truth:  those numbers run the real risk of causing you complications that are irreversible and potentially life altering. 


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My A1C level was 8.4

I was diagnosed with an A1C of 9, so your 8.4 is lower than that...but still needs to be lower. Right now I'm hovering around 6.3 to 6.4 on my last couple of check ups...and I'm working towards getting it down to 6.0 or less, which also happens to be what my eye doc recomends as best for avoiding eye complications. So IMO, I'd be looking to get a lot lower than 8.4.
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My A1C level was 8.4

I think you already know the answers to the questions you had, and what you need to do about it.  If you thought this group would validate your current diet plan (sugar laden pop and ice creme)...well it just won't happen.  If you want to learn...make changes and be proactive then you found the right place.

You really need to start drinking something besides Dr Pepper....A 12 oz can has the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar.  Think about it...would you sit down and grab a bag of sugar and eat 10 teaspoons?  I have made the switch to water.
Thanks Rick

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My A1C level was 8.4

Thanks so much. I have been doing some investigating on the net and I found Blue Bunny Ice Cream sugar free so I know that will take it down lots if I eat that instead now all I have to do is find something to replace my Dr. Pepper and yes I have tried the diet and ick..

Good for you in bringing it down to 6.3 - 6.4 that is awesome and according to my Dr that is exactly where she wants me to be I guess that is pretty ideal..

Have a great night
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My A1C level was 8.4

Wow what crawled up your ? I never said anything about anyone validating anything. I came here for support not to be judged by the likes of you.. So go take your opinion & judgement elsewhere. BTW did people treat you this way when you 1st started? I'm thinking not.. Hope you have a better day unless of course you have made other plans.
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My A1C level was 8.4


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