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Links to Blogs From Our Old Forums

Here are a few helpful links that I thought should be brought over.

Test, Test, Test

Test, Review, Adjust

Getting Started

These were particularly helpful to me when I first came to the ADA website. Thanks Alan!


"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." Anais Nin
Type 2 Diabetes diagnosed December 13, 2000 w/A1c of 7.6. June 2014 A1c 5.6 Controlling with diet and exercise, and 500mg daily of metformin.
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Links to Blogs From Our Old Forums

Here are a couple more:

Jenny <- click
or copy/paste ->

Mendosa <- click
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Me: DX: '08 - Type 2;  '12 - early kidney disease
This community. Keep moving; graze on bit of protein and lots of veggies; meds. No wheat, rice, or soy.
BG's 70-120. Avg AM BP 125/65. BMI 22.2-23.2
Still learning

Hubby: Not diabetic
'13 - Kidneys crashed, End Stage Renal Disease,
.....AV fistulas failed so far, back on jugular catheter for dialysis
Anemia, Colostomy, COPD, weak heart valve, low BP
Colo vesicle fistula (hole bladder to colon), can't be repaired due to radiation damage

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