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Re: I can manage my diabetes better if I ...

ffmaya wrote:   

I can manage my diabetes better if I ...


...would be kinder to myself and more patient with my body.


My arthritis pi**es me off when it interferes with my exercise regimen.  I work through the pain most of the time because I want to keep my numbers low, but sometimes it bites back.  Today I am sick of it all.  :smileysad:

I'm so sorry!  I hope someone will come by and cheer you up!

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Re: I can manage my diabetes better if I ...

(1) If I try something new, and got pretty good numbers, I need to remember to look at the whole picture.  It was probably because I had a good day/week, I lucked out with the right portion and amount of exercise.  I usually have all this logged in, but it's easy to say "oh I can eat this" and forget (on purpose?) the whole package.


(2) Like Red said, it's so nice to have good control.  Then numbers go up, and think "I blew it", blah blah. And I need to remember it doesn't have to be permanent, my choice.  Maybe a compromise.


(3)  If I look at my old journals and labs and posts more often.  Remind myself where I was,  what I did and why.


Take care,

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Re: I can manage my diabetes better if I ...

I can manage my diabetes better if I....


Did what I was supposed to do everyday!



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Re: I can manage my diabetes better if I ...

What a timely topic.  I was just telling myself I need to do something about all the bad habits I have.


I can manage my diabetes better if I ---- stop eating all the wrong foods -- chocolate, chips, chocolate, chips -- ok you get the idea  -- and try to eat healthier and stop grazing all the time. 



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