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Healthy T2 recovering from a tooth extraction

Because there have been a few posts lately from newbies fearing for their long term health I wanted to share some positive health news. This post does not start out positive but ends on a positive note.

Tuesday afternoon I cracked a tooth. Later I was to find out it was a bad crack, below the gum line. I have more dental problems than usual because of radiation treatment I had back in my early 20's.

I leave on vacation Sunday morning, heading to Israel. I wanted the tooth fixed as I have experienced terrible pain on an airplane with a bad tooth before.

So off to the dentist I go Wednesday morning. I need oral surgery to remove the tooth and it gets done right then and there. The procedure took twice as long as expected because of where the crack was and the tooth was in many pieces.

During the extraction my blood pressure went up, 155/92, but blood glucose stayed in the 80's. I left the office but could not go home yet because my sweetie had taken me and she needed to then get to her doctor appt. No time to take me home as planned because the procedure took longer than expected.

30 minutes after the procedure my face is quite swollen and I look like I have been in a fight. I check bg again. I am at 76 so I go to the little coffee stand nearby in the medical center and get the best snack I can find, a Luna energy bar, and I eat a third of it which is about 8 grams of carb. BG goes up to low 90's. All is good.

Later that night no pain and the swelling in my face is going down. No need for pain meds. In the morning almost no facial swelling and no pain and morning bg levels is a little high for me at 91 but still close to my usual mid 80's. The dentist calls and is surprised to hear I have no pain and that the swelling is mostly gone already.

Today Friday, while I cannot chew on the side of the extraction and i have stitches I have no pain, swelling is gone and bg is at my usual normal levels.

I attribute my quick healing because of my diabetes. What I mean is that since getting diagnosed I eat low carb and exercise daily to keep my A1c down in the low 5's. While learning new eating habits to control my diabetes I discovered I had food allergies to wheat and most beans. I cut those out of my diet and my whole body inflammation levels went down to low normal levels. I also exercise daily for at least one hour.

So between these three things, keeping bg as close to normal as possible, having reduced inflammation level in my body and exercising daily gives me the ability to heal quickly. I don't think I would have had this same quick healing experience before I was diagnosed with diabetes.

I wish I didn't have diabetes but I think I have gotten healthier as I have gotten my T2 under control and changed my lifestyle for the better to support keeping my bg in good range.
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Re: Healthy T2 recovering from a tooth extraction



Agree 100% on getting this nasty disease under control is a great lyfestyle change.


I cannot imagine any good news at a dentist - they just drive me insane - nad experiences.

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Re: Healthy T2 recovering from a tooth extraction

Wow, you did great Ruth!  And, I really like/appreciate your positive spin!





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Re: Healthy T2 recovering from a tooth extraction

Ruth a great positive post for others living with diabetes, especially newly diagnosed.  Thanks for your story!



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