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HIGH blood sugar & my shaking hands

I know a side affect of LOW B.S is shaking, but my numbers are high. (my range should be from 80-120 via my doctor.)  I try to eat protein to keep it to a minimum but its irritating and embarrassing. I play pool and shaking hands at the pool table are quite noticeable.

Yes-overweight by 50lbs
Yes-numbers are high at 180-400, depending
No-I do not exercise daily but try to in the week.
Yes--take metformin, glipizide and small insulins daily

((yesss yess I know. Im workin on all this._)

Soo... there she blows.

Am open to some feedback... but be gentle... 
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HIGH blood sugar & my shaking hands

Have you tested when you start to get the shaking?  Even if you're numbers are usually high you could still be going low at times with the medication you take (not usually the metformin.)

I just started a new medication myself (not for diabetes) and I feel as though I'm shaking on the inside.  It hasn't actually started for real on the outside yet though.  I told my doctor I feel like Elvis, I'm "All Shook Up". 

Another thing that could be happening is that if your numbers are going from  400 to 180 in a short period of time the shaking could be a result.  Try testing more when it's happening to get more clues on what the cause might be.


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HIGH blood sugar & my shaking hands

Eating protein won't keep it to a minimum, but eating too much carbohydrate will keep it to a maximum.

I know you're not brand new to diabetes, but you are brand new to control of yours. Please read this, then come back with lots of questions (click on it): Getting Started

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