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Generic Insulin

Why is there no generic Insulin available?

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Re: Generic Insulin

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wvgeb3 wrote:

Why is there no generic Insulin available?

I did a little research as to why. In my case the insulin that I use, Lantus, is in a class of drugs where it is against regulations for any company to make a generic version. That's even if the patent has expired a long time ago. I hope this helps.

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Re: Generic Insulin


Artical explaining "bio-phamacuticals"  Basicly, the FDA and polititians need to get off their duffs.  This has been bogged down in legislation for 10 years or so.  

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Re: Generic Insulin



Nearly a decade ago, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) committed to providing guidances for approval of generic versions of two kinds of biopharmaceuticals, insulin and human growth hormone. Nearly five years ago [April 2002], the scientific staff at the FDA completed work on the insulin and human growth hormone guidances, but they have yet to be released.



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