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Re: First infected toe. What do I do?

The reason for not soaking your feet is to avoid drying the skin out. See this link for some tips on how diabetics should care for their feet.


Diabetic Foot Care


Not a doctor, only another T2 diabetic with, unfortunately 11 year experience. Be cautious about accepting advice, including mine, on medical conditions from the internet. It can be a good place to get ideas, but validate them with your doctor and other medical professionals first.
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Re: First infected toe. What do I do?

Patches49 wrote:

Just because you are diabetic does not mean you will get necropsy.  I had asked my Diabetic Specialist about necropsy and she said it doesn't happen to all Diabetics so relax and take a deep breath.


I agree you should definitely have your toe examined.  Ask you Doctor for a referral to a Podiatrist who will be able to give you a better diagnosis.  It is their specialty but be sure to let them know you are diabetic so they can treat you properly.


Kathy ~ please go see a Podiatrist for your ingrown nails.  They won't get better.  Don't try to do it yourself as the risk of injury is far greater.  I had two ingrown toenails on both big toes that were extremely painful.  My Podiatrist had to do some major cutting as one nail actually had grown so deep into my toe.   Why did I let it happen?  Long story short ~ I hated Doctors so avoided them at all cost.  Amazing how after being diagnosed Diabetic you learn to at minimum to love Doctors.


I did have a big wound from the surgery but I did heal.  My bg at the time was running high and yet I did heal.  The Doctor told me it might take longer to heal but one toe healed within two weeks and the other within a month which he said was normal. 


As for soaking ~ never heard that Diabetics were not supposed to soak their feet.  And why not???  Because what we use becomes germ factories?  I am sorry but that makes us sound like children.  There are ways to disinfect the soaking apparatus.  After my foot surgery my Podiatrist had me soak my feet twice a day in a tub of warm water and Epsom Salts which helps promote healing.  Glad to report my nails are looking pretty good and I had my first pedicure in ages.  Talk about feeling like a new woman.  Summer sandals here I come.


The real reason for not soaking one's feet, is because with having neuropathy, one may or may not be able to tell how hot the water is. One may also not know that one has neuropathy, until several years later. Most T2's have some neuropathy at diagnosis. It comes much later for T1's. 


I cannot tell when water is hot. My daughter and son-in-law are the ones that figured that out, when I had him check my water heater temp, about 11 years ago.


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Re: First infected toe. What do I do?

I had an infected toe last week.  My regular doctor looked at it and prescribed an antibacterial ointment to put on it 3 times a day plus an oral antibiotic for 7 days.


Then I saw a podiatrist the next week and he said it didn't look infected, just irritated.  Either the infection healed or it was just irritated to begin with, I don't know which.  He told me NOT to soak my feet. 


I am supposed to put something between that toe and the one next to it to keep it from touching because he said that is causing the irritation.  My toe looks better but still has some pain in it. He said I have the beginnings of neuropathy.


My blood sugar levels were fine at the time, I had just had my A1C and it is 5.8, so that was not the cause of my problem.  He also gave me a prescription for custom made orthopedic shoes.

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Re: First infected toe. What do I do?

Hello all. And thank you for writing in. I also didn't know about not soaking toes. My a1c was 9.7. I haven't been monitoring BG levels as much as I should but after taking metformin they dropped down to around 125 after about s month in the meds. As many of you have said I need to get z doctor appointment. Thankfully I do feel the infected toe at times so at least I know there is feeling. I will jet you know how it goes. Thanks again!
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Re: First infected toe. What do I do?

Wschweik wrote:


My a1c was 9.7. I haven't been monitoring BG levels as much as I should but after taking metformin they dropped down to around 125 after about s month in the meds.


Please read this: Test, Review, Adjust

Cheers, Alan, Type 2, d&e metformin 2000mg, Australia.
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