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So yesterday I finally get my doc's opinion on the cat scan I had a couple of weeks ago after a bad fall from a ladder. It turns out that other than a broken transverse all the other stuff ( chronic pancreatitis, liver legions, ect were all unchanged from the cat scan I had a year earlier as the result of a tick infection. In fact these are things my doc feels I have put up with for years so he sees little cause for further testing. This was a relief even though I suspect had I insurance much more would be investigated. On the bright side, he increased my glipzide dosage again and my numbers are continuing to get better meaning I shouls be ready for blast off agaon soon. I just got one question concerning coffee. Some say it decreases the instance of diabetes which if true than I would never have gotten it for me and that Valdez guy go way back. On the other hand, I have read that if you have chronic pancreaitis like I do then you should avoid caffine. I find this to be contradictory. Any thoughts on this would be helpful.Smiley Happy

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Re: Doctors.

Coffee  and diabetes are the subject of repeated studies, almost all of them small, that seem to show, alternately that caffeine raises blood glucose, or that it lowers blood glucose.  So I wouldn't put any credence in those studies. I don;t drink coffee, personally, because I never liked the taste, but haven't seen a study that makes me want to start.


But I hadn't heard that it is contraindicated for pancreatitis--and if I had pancreatitis I would want to Google it and read up on it, and if that seems to be the consensus, and if I were a coffee drinker, I'd give up the coffee...


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