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Contact Lens

I've got to call and make an appointment for an eye exam...unfortunately, I am long overdue.  Smiley Sad


I have worn glasses for 45 years, and from the beginning I was extremely near-sighted, plus I had a terrible astigmatism (I was unable to wear hard contact lens - soft didn't exist back then).  Thankfully, over the years, technology advanced to the point that I was finally able to be fitted with soft contacts almost 20 years ago.  If you've never worn glasses, you probably won't understand this, but having contacts gave me such freedom.  I won't ever forget playing in the ocean waves for the first time without water spots all over my glasses - I had to wear my glasses even while swimming or I couldn't see the people I was with or tell whether I was drifting too much. 


Back to the I am worried that since I have diabetes, I won't be able to continue wearing contacts.  Has anyone had this problem?  Does wearing contacts cause any eye problems in a diabetic?

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Re: Contact Lens

I have Type 1 so my situation may be a little different.  I wear soft bifocal contact lenses and love them.  I am very nearsighted and really do not like to wear glasses.  I have one month disposables, so never wear the same pair more than 31 days.  And most importantly in my opinion, I always take them out at the end of the day.  I never sleep in my contacts.  Your eye care specialist will know more about your specific situation.  And if you do begin wearing CLs, be sure to follow all recommended instructions including (especially) practicing good handwashing.  Hope this helps

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Re: Contact Lens

I have never heard of any reason why you cannot continue to wear contact lenses...


I did for the first couple of years I had diabetes.


I had retinopathy, however, and the shots for the retinopathy clouded my eyes, resulting in cataract surgery.  With the new implanted plastic lenses, I no longer need contact lenses at all. Sometimes I wear glasses for intensive reading, but often do not even then...


Without the retinopathy, however, I would probably still be wearing contact lenses, however...


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