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Christmas gift.



Good numbers this morning and I finished a painting in time for Christmas!Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Christmas gift.

Wow.. Very nice.

Jill from Ga
Diagnosed 10-11-12
T2 A1c 7.2
Metformin 1000mg 2x daily
Synthroid 75mmg

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Re: Christmas gift.


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Re: Christmas gift.

Wonderful Bob!  You are a very talented man. Hope to see more of your work.




Diagnosed as type 2 in 2005 with an A1c of 9.1

Started with metformin and a low dose of an ARB for blood pressure. Added a sulfonylurea (a med that helps my pancreas produce my own insulin) Also a low dose of Crestor to lower my cholesterol.
After 7 years I could no longer tolerate metformin so am doing my best to keep control with a max dose of the sulfonylurea and lots of walking, some swimming.
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Re: Christmas gift.

Bob--Is that an imaginary place, or have you been there in person?


Diagnosed Type 2, with an A1c of 11.4 in 2003; averaging a 5.0 A1c since then with diet, exercise and Glipizide XL + meds for blood pressure and cholesterol. 
A bit dated, but scroll down on this page if you want to know more ...

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Re: Christmas gift.

The painting is of Benson bridge at Multnoma Falls along the Columbia River George in Oregon. Its near my home town of Portland and I have visited it often forty years ago.Smiley Happy

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Re: Christmas gift.

Oh yes a familiar sight. A wonderful place to go when the Portland temperatures hit the 90s and 100s.


Diagnose type2 January 2003
a1c 1/03-5/12 6.1 no medication
A1c 9.2 on 11/13/12
A1C 5.8 on 2/7/13
A1C 5.4 on 5/9/13
A1C 5.9 on 8/13/13
A1C 6.3 on 11/11/13
Metformin 500 mg 2 times a day
A1C 5.6 on 8/11/14
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Re: Christmas gift.

Beautiful painting!

Type 2
Dx 1/11/10 with a  A1c of 9.7
Glucotrol 5 mg 2x daily
Metformin 1000 mg 2x daily

Does running late count as exercise Smiley Wink
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Re: Christmas gift.

I could look at this picture forever.  Thank you

Take care,

Me: DX: '08 - Type 2;  '12 - early kidney disease
This community. Keep moving. Graze on protein, lots of veggies, some fruit. Meds. No wheat, rice, or soy.

Hubby: Not diabetic
'13 - ESRD-CVC Cath - subclavian; anemia; colostomy; COPD; weak heart valve; hypo-tension; colo vesicle fistula; hip deterioration; some dementia.

Life sure isn't boring.
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Re: Christmas gift.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful painting.  Have a great holiday.


Janet (born on the 4th of July)