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Christmas gift.



Good numbers this morning and I finished a painting in time for Christmas!:smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Christmas gift.

Wow.. Very nice.

Jill from Ga
Diagnosed 10-11-12
T2 A1c 7.2
Metformin 1000mg 2x daily
Synthroid 75mmg

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Re: Christmas gift.


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Re: Christmas gift.

Wonderful Bob!  You are a very talented man. Hope to see more of your work.




Diagnosed as type 2 in 2005 with an A1c of 9.1

Started with metformin and a low dose of an ARB for blood pressure. Added a sulfonylurea (a med that helps my pancreas produce my own insulin) Also a low dose of Crestor to lower my cholesterol.
After 7 years I could no longer tolerate metformin so am doing my best to keep control with a max dose of the sulfonylurea and lots of walking, some swimming.
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Re: Christmas gift.

Bob--Is that an imaginary place, or have you been there in person?


Diagnosed Type 2, with an A1c of 11.4 in 2003; averaging a 5.0 A1c since then with diet, exercise and Glipizide XL + meds for blood pressure and cholesterol. 
A bit dated, but scroll down on this page if you want to know more ...

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Re: Christmas gift.

The painting is of Benson bridge at Multnoma Falls along the Columbia River George in Oregon. Its near my home town of Portland and I have visited it often forty years ago.:smileyhappy:

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Re: Christmas gift.

Oh yes a familiar sight. A wonderful place to go when the Portland temperatures hit the 90s and 100s.


Diagnose type2 January 2003
a1c 1/03-5/12 6.1 no medication
A1c 9.2 on 11/13/12
A1C 5.8 on 2/7/13
A1C 5.4 on 5/9/13
A1C 5.9 on 8/13/13
A1C 6.3 on 11/11/13
Metformin 500 mg 2 times a day
A1C 5.6 on 8/11/14
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Re: Christmas gift.

Beautiful painting!

Type 2
Dx 1/11/10 with a  A1c of 9.7
Glucotrol 5 mg 2x daily
Metformin 1000 mg 2x daily

Does running late count as exercise :smileywink:
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Re: Christmas gift.

I could look at this picture forever.  Thank you

Take care,

Me: DX: '08 - Type 2;  '12 - early kidney disease
This community. Keep moving; graze on bit of protein and lots of veggies; meds. No wheat, rice, or soy.
BG's 70-120. Avg AM BP 125/65. BMI 22.2-23.2
Still learning

Hubby: Not diabetic
'13 - Kidneys crashed, End Stage Renal Disease,
.....AV fistulas failed so far, back on jugular catheter for dialysis
Anemia, on oral nutrition supplement, and starting IDPN at dialysis
Colostomy, COPD, and Post Prandial Hypotension, heart valve problem - more tests
Colo vesicle fistula (hole bladder to colon), can't be repaired due to radiation damage

Life sure isn't boring.
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Re: Christmas gift.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful painting.  Have a great holiday.


Janet (born on the 4th of July)