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coffee and blood sugar?

HI everyone! I am a newly diagnosed type 1. I have been trying to figure out if coffee has a big effect on blood sugar. There is conflicting information online, whether coffee lowers or raises blood glucose. I seem to be ok with it so far, having 1 small cup in the morning with a tiny bit of sugar and cream...does anyone have experience with coffee either not affecting, lowering or raising their blood glucose? Smiley Happy thanks!! 
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coffee and blood sugar?

This has often been discussed on here and the conclusion is.... you really need to figure this one out for yourself!!  Some adamantly say black coffee has no effect, others say the caffeine like adrenaline raises blood sugar.

FOR ME, my 2 cups in the morning with milk and sweetnlow, I bolus for 15 grams of carb and it usually works out.   Usually I have the coffee way before breakfast, but if I'm eating at the same time then I bolus for the food and only a little more for the coffee. I don't know why this is, but I also notice if I have coffee later in the day I don't need to bolus much if at all.

Some suggest that what I notice has more to do with dawn phenomenon, but if I'm not having coffee, my blood sugar doesn't automatically go up in the morning, so??? who knows.

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coffee and blood sugar?

I've been curious about this also - so thanks for asking!

I can't see there being any 'carbs' in the coffee, but the stimulant could have varying efects I suppose.

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coffee and blood sugar?

I'm one of those, that coffee or any kind of caffeine, has absolutely no bearing whatsoever, on my Bg's. I drink mine black or near black (a couple of drops of 1/2 and 1/2), and with no sweetners nor sugar. Coffee consumption for me, is between 1 and 5 cups, per 18 hr. day.

As Pam said, you will have to figure that one out, as to how it affects you. Everyone is different, and everyone's diabetes and the effects thereof, are also different.



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coffee and blood sugar?

caffine does effect how the sugar goes into your blood, and of couse the cream and sugar will also have an effect, however since I really like coffee I tested and have learned to make the proper carb adjustments. I have also switched to spenda and sugar free creamer and try not to drink it on an empty stomach you will just need to test & watch to see how it will effect you personally     
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coffee and blood sugar?

My experience has been if I have a lot of coffee in the morning the caffeine affects my BG. If I only have 1 cup or so it doesn't seem to matter.  I drink it no milk, w/ Splenda.  I'm also very insulin resistent in the am.  My breakfast bolus is way more than the rest of the day.  And it has to do with the first meal I eat, not time of day.  Smiley Tongue  

Trial and error is the best way to figure it out for yourself.  As you can see it seems to be different for everyone.  
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coffee and blood sugar?

Yes, I understand that too much coffee, stimulates, can have a negative effect on your b/g.  I drink 1 cup of coffee a day, use half-half and I use stevia.  This does not have any effect up or down on my b/g levels.  Regardless, of what the dairies say, milk/cream etc. has sugar in it but if you look for sugar-free half & half you can find it.
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coffee and blood sugar?

Hey i drink coffee every morning and have not had an issue yet. They were even giving it tome when i was in the hospital for diabetes so im assuming its ok. haha but i havn't noticed it affect my blood sugar.



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coffee and blood sugar?

It really depends Some people find that the caffeine can impact them and bolus for 10-15 units for a cup of coffee. For me, I do not bolus for a cup of coffee with skim milk. It doesn't impact me.
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Re: coffee and blood sugar?

I am 43.  I have drank several cups of coffee a day for years and it's never affected my bg.  Since last year, I've noticed that 1 cup of coffee with creamer and equal will kick my bg through the roof!  Somewhere in the past year, my body has changed the way it handles whatever it is in coffee that does this.  What is the difference in coffee and diet coke?  Diet coke has the caffiene as well and I drink diet coke all the tiime.  It doesn't affect my bg at all...hmmm



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