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Pain and blood sugar

I thought I read that pain usually affects blood sugar either sending it up or down. I had a minor surgery twice and it caused a good bit of pain. At times 10 out of 10 and afterwards cramps at 6 out of 10 for hours afterwards. The first time my blood sugar just wasn't playing nice that day. It kept sliding down that day at the doctor's office it started at 65 with a snack size air head and an orange got up to 84 then 30 minutes later the nurse was concerned being I was sweating again and just over all my color just wasn't right according to her. My blood sugar was down to 74 I know not bad. Then they did the surgery with just local to the area which didn't complete work. A recheck afterwards and waiting for the doctor to finish orders. I was still at 74 and the rest of the night kept about that number. Even with nuts, crackers, and peanuts to eat. Don't get admitted after dinner hour at the hospital and the resident got called into surgery so no one knew if I could or couldn't eat. Finally they got words crackers and peanut butter was ok but it was 10 pm.

This time, blood sugar was better during the day 120 at lunch which was a bit off for me, then when I got to the doctor's office nurse had me check my blood sugar it was 74. I was comfortable with that being I wasn't having any signs of hypo feeling. They repeated the same surgery this time successful. Afterwards again waiting for the doctor this time just for the script I was 74. I got home even with a small snack of 15 carbohydrates I end up dropping to 70 with bad traffic home. Then regular dinner my blood sugar before bed was 106.

I am just trying to figure out what cause my blood sugar to go up and down so I know when I need to check more often. Thanks for any information. 

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Re: Pain and blood sugar

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Ms. Wlson,


It could have been any or all of it, that was messing with your numbers. You, and your body, have been under a lot of stress with these surgeries, along with the other medical issues that you have. I would say check your Bg, as often as you feel you need, or want to. At this point, it has to be what makes you feel safe and secure. I hope you heal quickly and feel better soon.


Trisha - sending hugs and good thoughts your way


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Re: Pain and blood sugar

I think any time your routine changes, and surgery definitely changes it, it is time to test more frequently.  Worst problem you can have is that you are locked in and didn't need to test.  I know I can stay flat, go a little higher or lower even just going to the dentist.

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Re: Pain and blood sugar

You taking Insulin? Notice your not eating nomrally and thus You Basal Setting was for a Normal Eating day and now not so much? So your basal maybe too high..

Anytime I go Driving or In a Uncontrolled Enviroment? I am Not as Aggressive for Tighter Control and run my BG"s Min 120-150's and a 200 when things are over isn't the end of the world, I just take a CB for it ...when I get back into A Controlled Enviorment..

Solids are ok to eat to get them up, but Fruit Juice is Faster and Better I think.

And 70's Don't cut it.. 90's is a the Minimum for me  ,  otherwise treat it in 4-5 carb increaments( 1 Glucose Tab)  if you have no Bolus Running, wait 15 min and test again..

You got that Basal Running 24 hrs and that will drag BG's Down on you if not carefull.Especially not eating normally.


Hope that helps

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Re: Pain and blood sugar

Thanks just didn't see the replies when I check been reading.

Blood sugar has been OK, I think basal during work week is needing adjustment will review with endo on Wed.

Thanks again