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MM users...

Hey guys,


You may want to keep an eye on your devices; and also on the reports at the top right hand side. Look to see if it shows "# of time changes = whatever number". Mine was 3 time changes.


I didn't see the time changes deal on the reports, however, until Wednesday nite. Went into device settings report, and there it showed 4 time changes.


I called tech support (the software guys with the 5 digit extension) this morning (Thursday), and inquired aboout this issue. On the data table report, we saw that the weekend (11 3 -4) when time changed to fall back, is when these changes came about. I changed it once, the cgm changed it 2 more times after that. We could not find the 4th time change.


On the cgm itself, I had noticed in the past few days, that it was not just losing time, it also regained the time. Back and forth several times a day. 


This may not be as pertinent for me, but very well could be for the pumps?


Five or six weeks ago, my cgm was replaced as it was losing time. Tomorrow morning, I will have yet another replacement, for this newest issue.


Have any of you noticed this kind of issue? Also, this one that was replaced 5-6 weeks ago, seems to be losing some entries with carbs and insulin. I am very sure that they were entered, as I make a little mark on my hardcopy log sheets, once entered on the receiver. If no mark, then it's my screwup.




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Re: MM users...

This is easily fixed by switching to dexcom! The new G4 is awesome The software makes basal rate adjustments and pattern detection a breeze.  Far superior results and now the receiver is so small yet so clear to read.

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Re: MM users...

I'll be getting my G4 next month, can't wait. 


Trisha, thanks for the info on the MiniMed sensor time issues.  I'll let my son know, that's what he has.  He doesn't use the reports so he may not have noticed.  His sensor is integrated with his pump.  I've been trying to get him to try out the Dexcom, he could wear it along with his MM sensor and compare them.  So far he hasn't taken me up on the offer.  He probably feels that he already wears enough gadgets without another one.  Smiley Very Happy

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